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Paradise on Earth - Norwich is a bit like that.

You know the opening scene in Outer Banks where John B (Chase Stokes) is giving the audience the introduction to the Outer Banks? He says, “...the Outer Banks, Paradise on Earth, it’s the sort of...

I Swear I’ve Seen You Before…

Norwich is a small campus. So small that if you were to walk from one end to other, it would probably take you about 10-15 minutes. Because Norwich is so small, you see people everywhere, all the time...

5 Tips to Be a Successful Online Learner

With the proper planning, support, and resources, you can successfully earn your degree.

Online Education for The 7 Learning Styles

Most people’s ability to retain information fall within at least one of the seven types of learning styles. Examining the different kinds of learning styles and deciding which one fits you best can help you learn quicker and be a more efficient online student.