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Nearly 200 Years—Learn More About Norwich

Guy Debord argues in the Society of Spectacle that the tangible world has been replaced by images. For Debord, images derive their power from individuals’ desires for the commodities that appear in visual advertisements. The obsession with visual culture that fascinated Debord led me to consider one specific type of image in 19th century Parisian culture, which Debord and other critics have left unexplored. I begin by discussing the boom in photographic portraiture and looking at collections of portraits. Specifically, I examine texts by Baudelaire and Zola that feature women obsessed with amassing people’s photographs. Like Narcissus, these women cannot look away.

The world is home to about 6,000 to 7,000 languages, but how many are spoken at Norwich University?  In one class, EN 199 Advanced Academic English II, world languages are commonplace. As a group, the 15 international and multilingual American students in this class know more than 25 languages.

To spotlight language as an academic, cultural, and international resource, the class sponsored two events.

The Norwich Record | Summer 2019

In March, School of Nursing Director Paulette Thabault led students on a service-learning mission to Costa Rica, where they staffed a medical clinic for refugees fleeing violence in neighboring Nicaragua. We sent long-time National Geographic photographer Karen Kasmauski—known for her Pulitzer-nominated work on global health, nursing, and refugees—to join them.

The Norwich Record | Summer 2019

U.S. security policy classmates take selfies outside the White House. In our next issue, Pulitzer-nominated documentary photographer Karen Kasmauski joins students during their weeklong trip to D.C., where they met with top national security leaders and their staff—many of them Norwich alumni.


D.C. Policy Trip

Norwich law enforcement alumni on the front lines of the nation’s most deadly drug epidemic

The Norwich Record | Summer 2019

Dana Dexter ’03 became a cop because he wanted to help people. A former champion runner, he also knew from an early age that he didn’t want to spend most of his adult life trapped in a cubicle. So, after Norwich, he followed his older brother onto the police force in Concord, New Hampshire. Sixteen years later, he is now a master police officer and training officer with the department’s patrol division. Four years from retirement eligibility, Dexter still loves putting on the uniform, still loves not knowing what any given day will bring. One minute he could be rescuing a cat, the next chasing a felon down a river.

FEMA’s Albie Lewis ’73 & M’98 helps North Carolina recover from Hurricane Florence

The Norwich Record | Summer 2019

Last September, the thousand-year rain event known as Hurricane Florence heaved across the coastal Southeastern United States. Over four days, the slow-moving Category 1 storm dumped as much as 35 inches of rain on parts of the Carolinas and Virginia. The inundation flooded thousands of buildings, killed 53 people, and caused an estimated $24 billion in damage—a figure comparable to the 2018 California wildfires, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

From the architecture studio to the engineering lab, Norwich undergraduates shine when hands-on learning requires hands-on making. A showcase of tiny art, concrete canoes, Mars mining bots, and other inspired creations.

The Norwich Record | Summer 2019

The Norwich Record | Summer 2019

For their senior capstone project, mechanical engineers Alfred Freed ’19, Caryn Ojemann ’19, and Brendan Watson ’19 teamed up with electrical engineer Cody Moore ’19 to design, build, and test a system to mine ice chunks from the Martian surface. Why ice? Because future astronauts will find exploring the Red Planet thirsty work.

And, yes, it floats.

The Norwich Record | Summer 2019

Last year, civil engineering majors Vincent Polhemus ’20, Will Andon ’20, and construction management major Andrew Peary ’20 built this 21-foot, four-person canoe and entered it in the American Society of Civil Engineers Concrete Canoe Competition. The rook brothers didn’t gain a single credit hour for the estimated 1,000 hours of work they put into the project. It was all done for fun.

First-year architecture majors craft small objects full of big ideas

The Norwich Record | Summer 2019

By the time they graduate, architecture majors design structures on a grand scale. But as freshmen, they start small. Kicking off the first two weeks of classes with a period of collective creativity known as CATALYST, School of Architecture + Art faculty members Cara Armstrong and Arthur Schaller challenge first-year majors with a series of small projects. One involved choosing a subject from a list of 50 historic figures, reading about their work, and creating a small shrine in an empty Altoids peppermint tin.

Designing an instrument for amputees

The Norwich Record | Summer 2019

An estimated 50,000 Americans undergo limb amputations each year, with one in four losing an arm or hand. So how can they regain their ability to play music or enjoy the mental health benefits of learning an instrument for the very first time? Two teams of Norwich students addressed the problem for their capstone senior engineering projects.

The Norwich Record | Summer 2019

Matt Valsecchi ’19 and CJ Davis ’20 didn’t craft this museum-quality comb-back rocker. Instead, they created a social media marketing strategy for the people who did. Last fall, the students worked as marketing consultants for second-generation Windsor chair maker George Sawyer and his small fami-ly-owned Vermont company, Sawyer Made.

March 8, 2019 @ 3:45 p.m.

The Norwich Record | Summer 2019

Michelle Masperi ’19 used her iPhone to capture this raven’s-eye view of the narrow streets of Prague’s Mala Strana, or Lesser Town, neighborhood.

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