Norwich University Strategic Plan

Norwich University Strategic Plan

Established nearly 200 years ago, Norwich University is a distinctive senior military college and renowned institution for leadership and experiential learning. To maintain and grow our University’s position as an institution of leadership in higher education, we must carefully plan how to best serve both today’s students and those we will educate in the future, as well as one another.

The Norwich after Next (NUaN) comprehensive University Strategic Plan (Plan) will cover the period from 2018 to 2035. Step 1 in this Plan includes the core strategies for the first three years (2018-2021) to include the Academic Strategic Plan. As such, the Academic Strategic Plan proactively addresses the challenges associated with the ever-evolving higher education landscape. In addition, the Academic Strategic Plan responds to the call to action by leaders in higher education to focus on preparing and nurturing citizenship and service in ever-changing global and digital times. The 2018-2021 Academic Strategic Plan outlines goals, objectives, tactics, and performance indicators aligned to the overarching and overlapping themes of the University Strategic Plan.

The NUaN Themes are:

  1. Expanded enrollments to better serve the nation and world;
  2. Build financial sustainability for the campus;
  3. Strengthen the student experience and brand;
  4. Transform the organization into one characterized by extreme flexibility, high-demand, and affordability.

This is a transformative Plan, and as such, the constructs of Extreme Flexibility, High-Demand, and Affordability are inter-related with the following Academic Strategic Plan Goals:

  1. Strengthen the Mission-Centric Academic Experience 
  2. Enhance the Distinctive Academic and Student Success Programs 
  3. Achieve Financial Sustainability and Value. 

The goals of the Academic Strategic Plan address the challenges of the future by creating, implementing, and evaluating mission-centric, innovative academic programming that addresses the challenges of the higher education environment.

As academic leaders and teacher scholars, Norwich University stands ready to prepare the next generation of leaders to better serve the nation and the world. By inventing and investing in the future, we will be ‘of service to the nation.’ Well-positioned from this leadership foundation and financial strength, this Academic Strategic Plan is one of commitment, capability, and optimism – perhaps guarded yet with a Partridge-inspired entrepreneurial spirit/ethos.