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Research and Centers at Norwich University - getting to the "what comes next."

The Norwich experience is like no other. We educate and develop leaders for the twenty-first century, combining our rich history with innovative learning experiences to prepare citizens and citizen soldiers to serve our nation and the world.

Norwich’s centers and institutes focus on raising awareness and creating connections through hands-on learning, scholarly research, and community education. 

Norwich University is at the forefront of research and policy advances on the national and global stage, working collaboratively with industry, the military, and the government through its affiliated centers, institutes, and events.  What sets Norwich apart is the ability of our students to affiliate themselves with a Center of Excellence, providing them with network opportunities and a seat at the table to discuss, investigate, and act upon the challenges facing the global landscape.

Norwich Research, Centers & Institutes:

Providing support for students across disciplines to pursue research and creative learning as part of a community dedicated to personal and intellectual transformation.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Center

AI education developed future leaders who can utilize AI for beneficial purposes while mitigating its potentially harmful consequences.

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Office of Academic Research

Providing support for students across disciplines to pursue research and creative work in collaboration with faculty mentors.

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Norwich University Applied research Institute (NUARI)

NUARI provides cyber exercises, secure network monitoring, custom consulting, research, and education on critical national security issues.

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Center for Academic Success and Achievement

A community of students, staff, and faculty trained to provide academic support to Norwich’s residential, campus-based students and to facilitate their development as confident, collaborative lifelong learners.

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The Careers Preparation National Center

Guides the governance, process, and infrastructure to develop and promote collaboration and joint engagement across the CPNC coalition, NCAE-C National Centers, and our critical government and industry Partners.

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Center for Civic Engagement

Ready to serve your community and nation? Become an active volunteer as an integral part of your college experience at Norwich. The CCE puts students who wish to volunteer together with a local nonprofit organization which are local, national, and international in scope. 

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The Department of Defense Cyber Institute at Norwich

Norwich University is the lead institution in a consortium of the six senior military colleges designed to grow the nation’s pipeline of cybersecurity talent filling crucial work roles in the Department of Defense.

The Department of Defense Cyber Institute

Center for Cybersecurity and Forensics Education and Research

CyFER serves students and faculty and is used for deploying specialist learning environments for the CSIA program, for fostering a culture of research among students, fot outreach activities and for providing a state-of-the-art physical infrastructure.

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The Center for Global Resilience and Security

The Center for Global Resilience and Security (CGRS) brings Norwich University’s unique strengths in leadership, security, experiential education, and perseverance to resilient community building. Our work centers on human resilience.

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International Center

Norwich University has developed partnerships with institutions of higher learning across the globe to help give our students the edge as they enter the dynamic global job market.

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Norwich University Center for Leadership

The Leadership Center prepares and educates future leaders to work with professionals in the community, public sector, private sector, and military with heightened focus, coordination and collaboration.

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Norwich Leadership Academies

Norwich University houses two unique academies, Government Service Leadership Academy (GSLA) and Global Leadership Academy (GLA). These academies develop new leaders of strong character who are ethical, innovative, inclusive, and ready to lead in military, federal, private, and NGO environments.

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Military Writers’ Symposium

The only program of its kind at an American university, the Norwich Military Writers’ Symposium convenes authors and experts in the fields of military history, intelligence, and current affairs to offer important perspectives on pressing global concerns.

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Peace & War Center

The Peace and War Center is a Norwich University academic center of excellence for students, scholars, and practitioners seeking to advance interdisciplinary knowledge on the relationship between peace and warfare at local, national, and global levels.

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Sullivan Museum and History Center

The museum offers opportunities for visitors, students, faculty and alumni to immerse themselves in the heritage of this great institution and offer lectures throughout the academic year from faculty and guest speakers which includes professionals via our Smithsonian Affiliate program.

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