Center For Academic Success And Achievement

Achieve your academic goals at Norwich by working with CASA Tutors, Coaches, and Program Coordinators.

The Center for Academic Success and Achievement is a community of students, staff, and faculty trained to provide academic support to Norwich’s residential, campus-based students and to facilitate their development as confident, collaborative lifelong learners. Together, we are advocates who empower students to improve their learning strategies by ensuring equitable access to campus resources, building relationships between students and campus partners, and supporting diverse approaches to learning. To do so, we provide tutoring across disciplines, academic coaching and mentoring, and programming based on learning science in a welcoming, supportive environment. 

Our programs and services are guided by the following goals:

  • To support efforts to increase student retention and graduation rates
  • To utilize an asset-based approach to student support in our programming
  • To promote equitable opportunities for academic success
  • To provide personalized academic support for students at any stage of the learning process from admission to graduation

Please consult the drop-down headings below for further information about these our services and programs.

We look forward to being part of your success team at Norwich.

Our CASA is your CASA!

All Norwich University students are eligible to receive academic help from the Center’s professional senior tutors, who are educators with years of experience in higher education as scholars, professors, and tutors. Our professional senior tutors act as academic coaches and mentors, meet with students on an as-needed or regular basis and help keep them on track. The CASA is the home for content specialists who work with students to improve their learning and performance in specific academic subjects, such as math, criminal justice, STEM, and history, among others. We are trained to help students learn better time-management, organization, test-taking, and study skills. Our mission is to help NU students become more active and independent learners at Norwich and for the rest of their professional careers.

Our nationally-certified Peer Tutoring Program offers support in over 30 undergraduate courses from Chinese to Thermodynamics. Peer Tutors are successful students, recommended by NU professors, who complete training at the CASA to improve their ability to provide high-quality tutoring to fellow NU students. Peer Tutors help tutees learn course material, develop discipline-specific study skills, and offer valuable strategies for successfully navigating classes that they themselves have taken. Appointments are usually once a week on a one-to-one basis, or in small groups. Peer Tutors also run various subject-specific Help Sessions on a weekly basis. Students can drop in with questions and spend time doing homework with student experts at the ready to support their needs. Each year, over 200 NU students access the Peer Tutoring Program to achieve their academic goals. Each year, over 40 Peer Tutors develop their resume as CRLA-certified peer educators, content area experts, and academic leaders while earning income as Work-Study or Non-work-study CASA employees.

CASA Success Coaches are professional educators who know what it takes to succeed at Norwich. College is different from high school, and our Coaches work with incoming students to help them build upon their prior learning and success strategies to develop college-appropriate skills, study plans, and productive habits as they transition to NU life. Our Coaches understand the many administrative paths that college students have to follow, and help them navigate successfully. We are committed to supporting the whole person, and make sure that students are aware of the many opportunities here for personal growth—as well as for FUN! CASA Success Coaches work regularly with their students, but are also available to work with any who have questions or want to check out how academic coaching can improve their college experience.

The Center for Academic Success and Achievement (CASA) provides support and advocacy services for all non-native speakers of English, including International and US students. Language is the key to exploring and learning about ideas, people, culture and the world; it is essential for academic growth and success. Our services provide one-to-one tutoring designed to directly support and improve individual student’s language skills and overall learning. We present useful academic workshops and exciting cultural activities & events. Our Multilingual Student Services are dedicated to making the college experience as enriching, as challenging, and as comfortable as possible. To help make your learning both accessible and successful, academic accommodations are available for eligible multilingual students.

The Center for Academic Success and Achievement provides a broad range of accessibility resources, services, and facilities for residential students with disabilities, including academic accommodations, assistive technology support, and individualized coaching. Please consult the “Student Accessibility Resources FAQ” on this page for further information and staff contacts.

The CASA’s Student Accessibility Resources Coordinator helps students complete the provision of documentation that establishes their eligibility for disability support services; orients qualified students to their 504 plans and how to access their approved academic accommodations; provides training and information about assistive technology resources including access to alternate format textbooks for students with print disabilities; with students’ permission, facilitates communication with faculty, staff, and family members; provides academic coaching and mentoring; and meets with students regularly or as-needed.

The CASA also provides test-proctoring facilities for students with test-taking accommodations. Our Student Accessibility Resources Program provides confidential, welcoming, and individualized resources for students with disability to help them achieve their academic goals and equitably access Norwich University programs and activities. Please contact us with any questions or concerns about accessibility resources for residential students at Norwich University.

The CASA’s Academic Enhancement Program provides academic coaching and mentoring for students whose GPA drops below satisfactory standing, and for students re-admitted after academic suspension. The mission of the program is to help students return to satisfactory academic standing and progress towards degree completion by improving their learning, performance, and academic outcomes. Students academically at-risk are required to participate in regular, individualized meetings to help them devise plans to overcome academic difficulties and to monitor their progress. The program includes workshops and classes to help students advocate for themselves, learn better planning and organization, develop effective time-management, and improve study skills. Our program helps students lead themselves to academic success and achievement.

Center for Academic Success and Achievement
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