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Board of Fellows, Faculty Senate, Staff Council, Student Government Association

Board of Fellows, Faculty Senate, Staff Council, Student Government Association

Board of Fellows

Founded in 1975, the Board of Fellows (BOF) of Norwich University is comprised of alumni and friends of Norwich University who have an abiding interest in the enrichment of the academic programs at Norwich.

The Norwich University Board of Fellows work through a variety of Visiting Committees (VC) to provide support to the several schools within the University. These committees meet at least twice a year; once during Homecoming and once in the spring. Currently there is a VC for the following academic disciplines:

Architecture + Art
Business and Management
Science and Mathematics
Liberal Arts
College of Graduate and Continuing Studies
Membership on the board results from a nomination process intended to ensure that each Visiting Committee has the requisite skills. Nominations can be forwarded to the School dean, the VC chair, or the Executive Committee.

The board meets as a body once a year during Homecoming. At that time the BOF Faculty Development Prize and the BOF Medallion may be awarded. The Executive Committee meets several times throughout the year.

Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate of Norwich University is the sole governance body of the faculty. Its purview includes, but is not limited to curriculum, academic standards, policies and procedures and any other matters that affect institutional decision making, goal setting and resource allocation. The Faculty Senate and its Bylaws in no way abrogate the authority of the President of the University or the authority and purview of the Trustees of the University as established in the Board of Trustees’ Articles of Association and Bylaws.

Staff Council

The Staff Council is an advisory board serving the President both directly and through the Chief Administrative Officer. The Staff Council is charged with properly representing the various University staff constituencies and assuring that staff issues and advice are considered in the institutional decision-making process.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) strives to maintain a positive relationship between the student body and the administration by serving as a hub for communication and the source of problem solving efforts for issues plaguing daily life.