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"Ever since arriving in the Fall of 1979, Norwich, its ideals, and its people have been central to my personal and professional life. It is a special opportunity to use my background and skills to pay back all that Norwich has given me." 

-Lieutenant General John Broadmeadow ’83, USMC (Retired)

LtGen John Broadmeadow ’83, USMC (Retired)

25th President Of Norwich University

LtGen Broadmeadow becomes the first Norwich alumnus to serve as president in more than three decades. The highest-ranking Marine officer to have ever graduated from Norwich, he became the first Marine to take the mantle of president of Norwich University on May 1, 2024.
- Norwich Forever.


Captain Alden Partridge’s mission was to graduate exceptional and well-rounded military and civilian leaders ready to address the challenges of our country and the world. His innovative ideas have inspired 24 Norwich University presidents before me. I am especially honored to become the 25th president because I was a student that benefited from a Norwich education and the ongoing maturation of Partridge’s vision. I return to Northfield four decades later to continue what Partridge started in 1819.

Like countless other graduates, Norwich values are foundational to the successes I’ve enjoyed in my personal and professional life. My journey from rookdom to graduation was transformational. From that day in August 1979 when I walked onto campus as a very nervous freshman, the Norwich experience challenged me to build strength and resiliency, and to live and lead with honor, courage, and integrity. It served me well in my Marine Corps career and I strive to live those ideals to this day. 

Whether you are an incoming rook, civilian, or online student; a parent; an alum; or a member of the faculty and staff, everyone contributes to the incomparable Norwich experience. I take seriously my role as a facilitator of our continuous endeavor to adapt Partridge’s vision and values for our time and into the future for the betterment of our students.

This is the essence of Norwich that sets us apart from the rest. Norwich’s mission is to take students – from day one – on their unique transformational journey. To those considering the Norwich University path, my promise is that we will continue to honor our history, instill the essential values that build your character, lead you to achieve your goals, and challenge you to push past your perceived boundaries to exceed even your own expectations. In support of these pursuits, you will immerse yourself in a world-class education; learn from an immensely talented community that includes faculty, staff, students, alumni, and other friends of Norwich; and benefit from the lifelong friendships you forge along the way.

These are not empty promises. Generations of alumni stand as a testament to the fulfillment of Partridge’s vision. I would not be here today to continue this important legacy without them. To the faculty, staff, and alumni: let’s continue to strengthen our community to set course for the next 200 years. We see that commitment come to fruition every year on Graduation Day – and we must ensure it continues for centuries to come.

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John Broadmeadow retired from the Marine Corps in October 2020 as a three-star general with nearly forty years of progressive leadership experience in a variety of positions. He successfully led large, diverse organizations across the globe, in combat and during periods of significant change. After retiring from the Marine Corps he leveraged extensive experience in executive leadership, strategic planning, and corporate change management by consulting in the private sector and with various government organizations.

Broadmeadow’s final Marine Corps assignment was as the Director of the Marine Corps Staff in the Pentagon. In addition to leading Headquarters Marine Corps’ response to COVID-19, he integrated the actions of seven three-star Deputy Commandants executing a Marine Corps-wide change management effort to implement the Commandant’s Planning Guidance.

In his first three-star job he was assigned as the Deputy Commander of the United States Transportation Command, proudly serving with the more than 140,000 service members and civilians from across all the Armed Services providing globally integrated air, sea, and surface transportation for all personnel and cargo in the U.S. Department of Defense.

Broadmeadow’s career includes several notable accomplishments in expeditionary operations. He led the logistics planning and execution for the Marines’ initial amphibious assault into Afghanistan in 2001 immediately following the attacks of 9/11. He then served multiple tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan, including as the lead advisor to the 7th Iraqi Infantry Division in 2009 and culminating with leading the drawdown and retrograde of equipment from Helmand Province in 2013. He’s also experienced with Humanitarian Operations, having led forces in both Somalia for Operation Restore Hope and in Japan following the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear plant damage that devastated the coast north of Tokyo. As a General Officer, he commanded a Marine Expeditionary Brigade and both the Marine Corps Logistics Command and Marine Corps Installations Command, each having multi-billion-dollar portfolios.

After his Marine Corps retirement, Broadmeadow was asked to sit as a Panel Member for the Department of the Navy’s Strategic Review of Amphibious Operations and as an Executive Fellow for the Institute for Defense and Business. He is an Advisory Board Member for Crowley, a Senior Mentor for the Marine Corps’ MAGTF Staff Training Program, and a member of the Marine Corps Association Board of Directors.

Since May 1984, Broadmeadow has been very happily married to Karen (Rowe), also a NU ’83 graduate. Together they have remained active with their alma mater in various alumni clubs, reunion committees, and freshmen sendoffs. They are also longtime members of the Partridge Society. He has returned to speak on campus numerous times, including as the Joint Services’ Commissioning Official in 2018 and as the keynote speaker for Norwich’s Bicentennial Gala aboard the USS Intrepid in New York City. Broadmeadow is the highest-ranking Marine Officer to have graduated from Norwich and is honored to have received the Distinguished Alumni Award and have his name engraved on the Bicentennial Stairs. He has served on the Norwich University Board of Trustees since February 2022. Broadmeadow has a Master of Science in Strategic Studies from the United States Army War College and a Master of Arts in Business Administration and Computer Resources Management from Webster University.

A Quick Introduction Norwich President Broadmeadow

LtGen John Broadmeadow ’83, USMC (Retired) Named 25th President of Norwich University. 


In the words of BoT Chair Alan DeForest, “His exceptional combination of personal connection to Norwich, his work as a Board of Trustees member, and lifetime of continued service to the University uniquely positions him to step into the leadership role as the 25th president of Norwich University.”


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