How to Achieve Financial Clearance and Avoid Late Fees

Promptly paying your tuition eBill is the best way to achieve financial clearance and avoid late payment fees. Late tuition payments may result in a $65 late fee. This fee will be assessed monthly for any missing financial aid documents, tuition assistance forms, and scholarships by federal and state agencies, organizations, and employers. Additional late payment fees could accrue each month your eBill is not paid.

To ensure prompt payment of tuition when third parties are involved, be sure you have completed all steps in the student loan process, submitted all military tuition assistance (TA) forms, or completed employer assistance documents. Please contact us before fees accrue so we can help you seek alternative payment methods.

Please note: University fees and charges are subject to change. When such changes are made, notification will be provided as far in advance of the effective date as possible.

Past Due Account Policy

Any inactive account not paid when due may be placed with a collection agency, thus subject to collection costs.

Returned Check Policy

A $25 fee will be assessed to the student account for each check returned to the University for non-sufficient funds. Norwich University reserves the right to require a cashier's check for all payments subsequent to the return of a personal check for non-sufficient funds.

Transcript and Diploma Hold Policy

A hold is placed on student transcripts and diplomas if the student’s account is not paid in full. Students with financial holds will not be permitted to participate in graduation or academic recognition ceremonies.