Enrollment & Degree Verification

Enrollment & Degree Verification

Degree verifications are used by human resource departments, background check companies, or even other academic institutions to confirm the learner's education background.

Enrollment verifications are similarly helpful, as they illustrate the enrollment status, courses, and in some cases grades. Knowing this information can help with student loans or discounts, transcript verification, or loan deferment.

Norwich University Norwich wants a simple online ordering process for enrollment and degree verifications. Each platform available is for the convenience of the user and either service may be used depending on your needs. Options include the National Student Clearinghouse and Parchment. The Norwich University National Student Clearinghouse School ID number is 003692-00 for an immediate report, unless investigation is needed. Whereas, Parchment is an ordering platform requiring staff to prepare the requested documentation.

Active Students (recommended method, no charge)

Current/Active students generate an enrollment verification certificate through the student self-service section of the National Student Clearinghouse website accessed through Banner Web.

  • Once you have logged in to Banner Web, go to the Student Services tab and click Enrollment Certificate, then click Submit.This will take you to the National Student Clearinghouse Student Self Service page.
  • Click Obtain an enrollment certificate to generate an enrollment certificate as a PDF.

Active students who cannot use the Enrollment Certificate must complete a release of personally identifiable information available on the Registrar's SharePoint site from my.norwich.edu. Third-party provider forms may be emailed to registrar@norwich.edu , please ensure student guardian information is complete before verification is requested.

3rd Party Requests or Inactive Students, charges may apply – National Student Clearinghouse

A 3rd party, or prior student, can verify student attendance or degree verification so long as the student has authorized permission to release what is termed directory information. The end user must provide information pertaining to the student's enrollment or degree status. If you need more than directory information, or already have an account with Parchment, please select the Parchment option. Otherwise, the National Student Clearinghouse can be contacted by clicking the verify now link below.

Verify Now

3rd Party Requests or Former Students, charges apply – Parchment

Active or Inactive Student Verifications

Parchment offers the same place for students to get their transcript or their replacement diploma, or a degree or enrollment verification. In a few steps indicate which records should be sent to which destination, and then can check out and submit required payments. Step by step notification keeps the student informed until the verifications have been received.

Third Parties Verifications

Third parties need to order official records, especially enrollment or degree verifications. That's why Parchment is making it easy to allow orders for any record for any third party. The the third party can request the record on behalf of the student, provide written consent and submit required payments.

Verify Now through Parchment.