Center for Leadership

Bringing current and future leaders together to make a difference ethically and globally.

Norwich University Center for Leadership serves Norwich students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the local community through collaboration with military, public, private, and non-profit organizations to advance leadership through academic programs, research opportunities, scholarly publications, and professional outreach services.


Norwich has been developing leaders for over 200 years through a broad array of academic programs. The Leadership Center (LC) prepares and educates future leaders to work with professionals in the community, public sector, private sector, and military with heightened focus, coordination and collaboration. Additionally, through research and development programs, the Leadership Center encourages current industry leaders to advance their leadership practices.


Leadership educators and practitioners widely agree the most important challenge in the leadership discipline is to bring theory and practice together, allowing more current academic and real-life leadership experience into higher education classrooms. The LC leverages Norwich’s vast leadership experience to serve Norwich students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members through academic, research, and professional development. Distinct from other centers and academic units, the LC serves as a hub for all leadership projects, programs, and research ideas currently offered at Norwich. It allows for unprecedented collaboration in all types of leadership pursuits.

Norwich Center for Civic Engagement Students In the Community

There has never been a greater need for leaders who serve in the government, non-government, private, and global sectors.

Leadership Academies - Two Centuries of Developing Leaders

Norwich’s Leadership Academies provide pathways to government, non-government, private, and global sectors sectors by focusing on the citizen soldier concept.