Celebration of Excellence

The Celebration of Excellence is a week of applauding the academic and creative work by the Norwich community.

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Message from the Program Director

Welcome to the 22nd annual Norwich University Celebration of Excellence! We are thrilled to see such a breadth of interests from our talented students, and we hope you learn from multiple disciplines and students at all levels of their academic careers. The research you see around you is part of a long process, and we take the opportunity this week to applaud not just the final result but each step made along the way.

I have come to appreciate most the dedication and range of these projects in my years working with undergraduate research. When I first attended my first poster session at Norwich, I was impressed. Such a mix of ideas tackling so many different kinds of problems! Of course, I understand now that these results do not just show up the night before. What you see in the posters and talks this week are the hours of brainstorming, discussing, and testing that have gone into each project. We thank all the mentors who guided this work, just as we thank all of the classmates and summer fellows who supported one another, offered feedback, and encouraged one another all along.

The Celebration of Excellence gives us the chance to see how this process continues and what it produces. Please, take the time to ask those questions and to learn from one another. Research is never a solitary activity – and this week is a chance to come together and admire how far you’ve come and how far you’ll go. Keep that curiosity alive, for your own work and for all the other research you’ll see this week!

Thank you for taking part in this celebration!

Kyle Pivetti, PhD 
Research Program Director 

Schedule of Events

  1. Monday

    Solar Eclipse Viewing Party 
    2:00-3:30 Softball Field

    CSI Experience Awards Ceremony

  1. Tuesday

    Oral Presentations 
    2:00-2:50 Todd Multipurpose Room, Kreitzberg Library 
    Riley Horton, Understanding the Impact of Police Training and De-escalation Techniques on Use-of-Force 
    Jon Brintnall, How Swatting Impacts Law Enforcement Effectiveness 
    Eli Benjamin, Vermont Recidivism: National Comparison 

    Oral Presentations 
    3:00-3:50 Todd Multipurpose Room, Kreitzberg Library 
    Spencer Rada, What Drives Split-Ticketing? 
    Hector Aponte, Political Participation: The Role of Ideology and Party Identification 
    Kristin Sanderson, Norwich Alumni and Ironclads in the US Civil War 

    Public Debate 
    5:00-5:50 South Instruction Room, Kreitzberg Library 
    "Should Norwich's Corps of Cadets be able to use appropriate, on the spot, physical corrective training as a disciplinary measure?"  
    Student Participants: Emmett Allen, Jonathan Calzadillas, Austin Garcia, Joseph Herbert, Riley Jarvis, Ruby Kagaragwa, Javier Montanez, Thomas Sprague, and Jade Wimbish 

  1. Wednesday

    Oral Presentations 
    11:00-11:50 Todd Multipurpose Room, Kreitzberg Library 
    Keyshla Seda, Unmasking the Shadows: Exploring the Sinister Influence of Films on Copycat Crime 
    John Walsh, The Word Vs. The Deed:  A Study on Military College Students' Ability to be Influenced by Propaganda 
    Ximena Bernhardt, Aggravating Factors of Exoneration Rates and Length

    Oral Presentations 
    3:00-5:30 Todd Multipurpose Room, Kreitzberg Library 
    Charles Tingle, Effectiveness of Firearm Registration Laws 
    Thaddeus Rodeheaver, Embedded Mental Health Programs in Policing and Receptions of these Programs 
    Jacob Turner, Plea Bargaining - The Dynamic of Both Sides 
    Ilyes Hassani, Wave Energy Capture 

  1. Thursday

    Senior Seminar Presentations 
    1:00-1:50 North Instruction Room, Kreitzberg Library 
    Prof. Gray's Senior Seminar Presentations: "Economic and Social History in Shakespeare’s Stratford"

    Poster Session and Awards Ceremony 
    4:30-6:30 Plumley Armory 


Awards & Special Thanks

Questions about student research? 
Contact us at undergraduateresearch@norwich.edu

Adarfarakan, Oluwapelumi  
Amarnath, Ash 
Bennett, Quinn 
George, Caitlin 
Kellberg, Alex 
Pierce, Surayah

Calzadillas, Jonathan 
Deshaies, Rachel 
Gambel, Aaron 
Ledesma, Diego 
Ponomarenko, Nikkita 
Rice, Nathaniel 
Shadrin, Andrii 
Williams, Valeri 
Ignacio, David 

The Office of Academic Research (OAR) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2024 Summer Research Fellowships and Summer Apprentices. These outstanding student scholars have been selected to receive research grants and fellowships, marking the beginning of their journey towards impactful academic exploration.

Weintz Research Fellow - ❈ 

Calzadillas, Jonathan ❈ 
Vibho, Amrutaa ❈ 
Khanal, Anthos ❈ 
Shah, Lakshya ❈ 
Shadrin, Andrii ❈ 
Dhakal, Sarthak ❈ 
Mwema, Teresia ❈ 
Akramah, Keziah ❈ 
Nepal, Grishma 
Alakkal, Shimron 
Ranabhat, Aadesh  
Al-Janabi, Riyam 
Jensen-Moore, Franklin 
Enamorado, Joaquin 
Park, Erika 
Nziza, David 

2024 Summer Apprentices 
Manandhar, Samriddhi 
Khanal, Riya

Friends of the Kreitzberg Library Awards 
The Faculty Senate Library Committee is pleased to announce the winners of the annual Friends of the Friends of the Kreitzberg Library Awards for Outstanding Student Research. These exceptional individuals have been recognized for their exemplary research prowess and academic pursuits.

Archival Undergraduate Researchers 
Wineriter, Logan 
Jensen-Moore, Franklin

Advanced Undergraduate Researchers: Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (HASS) 
Barr, Jacob 
Suski, Adam

Emerging Undergraduate Researchers: Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (HASS) 
Brewster, Haley 
Aponte Hector 
Rada Spencer

Advanced Undergraduate Researchers: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) 
Donoughe, John 
Marlow, Adam 
Turley, Jesse 

This program would not have been possible with the support and participation from the Norwich University community, especially:

Dr. Karen Gaines 
Dr. Tara Kulkarni 
Dr. Lea Williams 
Dean Edward Kohn 
Dean Aron Temkin

2023-24 Research Committee

Dr. Allison Neal 
Dr. Jean-Sebastien Gagnon 
Dr. Laurie Grigg 
Prof. Preseley McGarry
Dr. Kyle Pivetti
Dr. Karen Supan 
Prof. Zachary Siebold 
Dr. Kathryn Warrender-Hill

We extend sincere gratitude to Tyler Sheindlin, Cristy Boarman, and Megan Liptak from the Office of Academic Research for their unwavering support in making this event a success.