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College of Arts and Sciences

Through lecture, laboratory, and clinical settings, we prepare students to pursue.

College of Arts and Sciences (CoAS)

The College of Arts and Sciences' goal is to help students better understand the world and the complexities of today's society, be aware of moral, ethical, and social issues, be prepared to exercise intellectual leadership and engage in scientific inquiry.

Students will explore fundamental approaches to acquiring and interpreting knowledge through an introduction to current and historical thought in the humanities and the natural, physical, and social sciences. They will engage in undergraduate research projects that enrich their educational experience, transform them into thoughtful, critical thinkers, and give them a competitive advantage after graduation.

The college delivers advanced training and qualifications in various fields, preparing students to pursue advanced study, perform successfully in their careers, and become responsible citizens in a democratic society.

CoAS Programs


Norwich CSI Experience

Just like watching the detectives ...

Norwich CSI Experience

The detective work was part of the third iteration of Norwich’s CSI Experience — an interdisciplinary, interactive universitywide event involving critical thinking, teamwork and mentorship.

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

“Who will fill the vacuum of service and leadership in America today? Norwich graduates.” -Interim Dean of CoAS, Edward Kohn