Institutional Effectiveness

The mission of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness is to support the evaluation and planning efforts of the University's senior administration by initiating and conducting studies on the University's academic programs, enrollment, retention, and environment. 

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We support the important work of administrators, faculty, and students with a broad range of activities that include the preparation of reports to Federal, state, and regional agencies; the construction  of data dashboards; the collection and analysis of data in support of program accreditation efforts; the design, implementation, and assessment of surveys of students, faculty, and alumni; supporting faculty and student research projects; and the preparation of descriptive and predictive analytics reports for university leadership.

What We Do:

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) at Norwich University provides data, analysis, and reporting to guide university policy and decision-making. OIE operates a broad range of internal and external support services for the university including: 

  • Creating accurate and timely analysis to inform planning and policy decisions using data from internal sources, surveys, longitudinal studies and assessments
  • Assisting university departments, colleges, and administrative units in interpretation and effective use of various sources of institutional information
  • Promoting high-quality, consistent data collection and dissemination
  • Providing broad access to descriptive and statistical analysis related to campus enrollment, diversity, student success, human resources, budgeting and revenue
  • Developing and maintaining data dashboards of institutional performance metrics to serve a variety of interests for university stakeholders
  • Submitting campus information to external organizations for university rankings and guidebooks
  • Managing mandated state and federal data reporting including agencies with the US Department of Education, the state of Vermont and accreditation agencies across the region.