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Modern Languages

Asian Studies Minor - Curriculum Map

The Asian Studies minor requires a minimum of 18 credits (6 courses) divided among three area studies components.  Students must complete one (1) Introductory Asian Studies course, three (3) Cultural and Historical Studies courses and two (2) Political, Economic and Sociological Studies courses as listed below.

  • Students majoring in History, International Studies, Political Science or Studies in War & Peace, may use no more than two courses to apply to this minor and their major.
  • Students majoring Political Science or International Studies  must complete both PO 202 and PO 215; all other majors must complete either PO 202 or PO 215 as a prerequisite to enrolling in a 300 level political science course.
  • Students who major or minor in Chinese may take only one (1) Chinese language class to satisfy the three (3) course requirement for the Cultural and Historical Studies category.
  • No more than two of the six courses may be transfer courses.
Introductory Asian Studies Courses (choose 1)  
HI 211 Early East Asian Civilizations 3
HI 212 Modern East Asian Civilizations 3
Cultural And Historical Studies (choose 3)  
CN 205 Intermediate Chinese I 3
Intermediate Chinese II 3
CN 301 Advanced Chinese I 3
Advanced Chinese II 3
CN 321 Chinese Literature, Culture and Society I 1911-1949 3
Chinese Literature, Culture and Society II 1949-Present 3
FA 250 Topics in Art (Asian Topics) 3
HI 315 Modern China 3
HI 317 Modern Japan 3
HI 319 Colloquium in Chinese History 3
HI 362 Topics in Pre Modern History ( Asian topics) 3
HI 363 Topics in Non-Western History (including Ethnic Hisory in China, China's Mlitary Systems adn History, Imperial Rome adn China, and Samurai Japan) 3
HI 371 Nation-Building 3
Political, Economic, and Sociological Studies (choose 2)  
IN 350 Topics in International Studies 3
PO 301 Special Topics in International Relations (Asian Studies) 3
PO 320 Topics in Area Studies (Asian topics) 3
PO 348 Asian Politics 3
SO 300 Topics in Sociology (Asian topics) 3
Total Cr. 18

To view German course offerings and a curriculum map for minors, see the Norwich University academic course catalog:

View Catalog

French Minor - Curriculum Map


All courses require a grade of C or higher.  The courses required to complete the minor depend on the foreign-language proficiency level of the incoming student. See tracks A and B below:

A. Track A is to be completed by students who place at or below the intermediate level:

FR 205 Intermediate French I 3
FR 206 Intermediate French II 3
FR Elective (250 or higher) 3
FR Elective (311 or higher) 3
FR Elective (311 or higher) 3
FR Elective (311 or higher) 3
Total Cr. 18

B.  Track B is to be completed by students who place above the intermediate level:

FR Elective (311 or higher) 3
FR Elective (311 or higher) 3
FR Elective (311 or higher) 3
FR Elective (311 or higher) 3
FR Elective (311 or higher) 3
FR Elective (311 or higher) 3
Total Cr. 18
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