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Electronic billing and online payments are now available to Norwich University undergraduate students and their designated family members or guests.

With the NUpay electronic billing service, students and authorized payers receive an email notification each time a new bill is posted online. Instructions are provided in the email notification to help access the new electronic bill. Once the bill is accessed, the student or authorized payer can make an online payment.

NUpay online payment service allows students, authorized payers and guests to make electronic check (ACH) or credit card payments towards a student’s tuition bill.

For further information, please choose the following options below:

Non-students and non-authorized payers can make payments on a student’s bill IF the student’s Norwich ID# is known. The student’s Norwich ID# begins with the letter “A” and must be provided to the guest by the student. Norwich University is not allowed to distribute a student’s ID#. Guest payers will first complete an online form to identify the appropriate student account for payment. The payer will then enter their payment information into a secure site for processing.

Credit Cards
Norwich University only accepts credit cards for student account payments through NUpay online payment service. NUpay students, authorized payers and guests may use a credit card to make a payment for any charge that appears on the student account. When using the NUpay online payment service a 2.75% service fee is charged in addition to the actual payment amount. This fee is non-refundable. Accepted credit cards are VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Please allow two-four days for the payment to be credited on your student account.

Electronic Check
Electronic checks (eChecks) or ACH payments are electronic debits direct from your checking account. Any checking account can be used, provided it is with a US bank and payment is in US dollars. eChecks may be used to pay all charges on a student bill. There is no service charge for using an eCheck to pay your bill. Expect a debit to your bank account no later than 48 hours after the payment transaction is completed online. To pay by electronic check you must have the routing (also known as the ABA) number of your US bank, and your checking account number. Routing numbers have nine digits and can usually be found in the bottom left corner of your paper checks.

Not ready for NUpay online payments? Norwich University will continue to accept paper checks. To avoid late payment fees payments should be received in the Bursar’s Office by the payment due date.

If chosen to mail a check drawn on a US bank, please send check to the following address:

Norwich University
Office of the Bursar
158 Harmon Dr.
Northfield, VT 05663

Online Payments FAQ

What are my payment options using NUpay?

You may use either an e-check or a credit card. E-checks are simply a debit to your checking or savings account and are also referred to as ACH payments. Any checking account can be used provided it is with a US bank and payment is in US dollars. There is no university fee for paying with an e-check, and many parents prefer it over a regular check for convenience and expediency. To pay by e-check you must have your bank routing number (also known as the ABA) and your account number. The routing number has nine digits and can be found in the bottom left corner of your paper check.

You may also use a credit card with NUpay. Accepted credit cards are VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. A 2.75% service fee is charged in addition to the account payment amount and is a non-refundable fee.

Why is there a convenience fee for using a credit card?

Because there is an additional cost for accepting credit cards as payment, it is more equitable to ask the person using the card to absorb the additional cost and not have it reduce the resources of all Norwich students. If parents elect to pay with a regular check, e-check, cash or money order, there is no fee.

May I make a credit card payment over the phone?

Credit card payments may only be made through NUpay.

Can I use my credit card checks to make an e-check payment?

Checks you receive from your credit card company cannot be used for an e-check. They will be returned by the bank as Account Not Found and may subject you to additional fees. You may use these checks through the mail only.

How long does it take for my payment to post to the student account?

The daily payment cut-off time is 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. If you make a payment before this time, it will post to your student’s account the next business day.

I’m not comfortable making an electronic payment. Must I?

No. Electronic payments are offered to parents as an option for their ease and convenience. Although NUpay is a safe and secure way to pay your student account, the Bursar’s Office is happy to accept a paper check, cash or money order, but is not able to accept credit cards except through NUpay.

I don’t see a recent payment I made credited to my account on NUpay. Why is that?

The Current Statement is a snapshot in time of the student account and only reflects transactions to the account made as of the date of the statement. Payments made after this date will be seen on the next account statement.

Newly admitted students can pay the new student deposit IF the student’s Norwich ID# is known. The student’s Norwich ID# begins with the letter “A” and is given to the student by Admissions. Norwich University is not allowed to distribute a student’s ID# to others.

The eBill shows account activity and balance status as of the billing date. Payments made using NUpay will show up as a credit on the next eBill. An added bonus of the NUpay eBill is the 18-month account history available to students and authorized payers. Authorized payers will only see payments they have made on the student account, but the student will be able to see all account activity for the previous 18 months.

Students and authorized payers will receive an email notification when each new eBill is posted online. Students will receive this notification through their Norwich University email address (e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Authorized payers will receive their eBill notifications at the email address indicated when the authorized payer is established.

To view an eBill without an email notification simply log into NUpay. Students must log into my.norwich.edu and then Self Service Banner (SSB) to access their bills online. Authorized payers have their own login screen.

Forget your password? If you are a student and have forgotten your my.norwich.edu or Self Service Banner password, please contact the NU help desk at 802-485-2456. If you are an authorized payer and have forgotten your NUpay password, please contact your student directly. Norwich University staff does not store or maintain password information for authorized payers.

If my student loans are more than my bill, do I get the difference?

Yes, once all the requested paperwork has been received and processed by the Norwich University Financial Aid Office your loans and aid will be disbursed. Refunds will only occur on those accounts that have a credit balance. Allow two to three weeks for processing the refund check once funds have been received on your account.

Can I use work-study toward payment of my student account?

Work study is not applied to your student account as a direct credit, nor is work study deferred on your student bill.

Can I pay my bill with Veteran’s benefits?

Post 9/11 Chapter 33 & Yellow Ribbon benefit

Students eligible for VA Chapter 33 Post 9/11 benefits and Yellow Ribbon must provide the Norwich University Registrar’s Office with a current VA Certificate of Eligibility. Chapter 33 VA funds are paid direct to Norwich so the cost of tuition and fees can be deferred; students with VA benefits less than 100% must pay the difference prior to the start of the semester.

Vocational Rehabilitation- Chapter 31

Students eligible for VA Vocational Rehabilitation benefits must provide each semester a copy of the VA form 1905 for certification and billing. Vocational Rehabilitation funds are paid direct to Norwich University.

VA Chapters 30, 35, 32, 1606, 1607

Students utilizing VA benefits (Chapter 30, 35, 1606, 1607, 32) or other third-party plans paid directly to the student do not qualify for bill deferment and are required to pay tuition and fees in full prior to each semester.

The Registrar’s Office will certify the enrollment for the VA after each semester begins.

Where and how do I apply for federal student loans?

The first step to applying for federal student loans is to complete the FAFSA(Free Application for Federal Student Aid). You can do this online at www.fafsa.ed.gov or request a paper application from our Financial Aid Office. You will also need our federal school code — 003692. It is very important that your FAFSA information reflect this school code. This will let the federal processing center know that you are requesting your information be made available to Norwich University.

First time (new) and returning Norwich students may access NUpay by logging in through Self Service Banner (SSB). Here’s how:

  • Log into ssb.norwich.edu
  • Login to SSB using your Norwich username and Password
  • Select “Student Services”
  • Select “View or pay Online with NUpay ”
  • Follow the navigation in the left frame to view a bill or make an online payment.

The Norwich University student health insurance plan provides coverage for illnesses and injuries that occur on and off campus and includes special cost-saving features to keep the coverage as affordable as possible. Norwich University requires that every full-time undergraduate student have medical insurance coverage — either a personal policy or the one offered above.

For more information about the plan, preferred provider listings, or claims processing, please visit gallagherstudent.com/Norwich for insurance information and to do the online waiver. Until the Online Waiver Form is submitted and processed, students will remain enrolled in the student insurance plan and the cost of the plan will remain on their student account.

Note: If you are waiving coverage, you will want to have on hand whatever username/password information you want to use before you begin the waiver process. Also, you will need to know the name, address, and telephone number of your current insurance carrier; the name of the policyholder; and the policy number and expiration date (if applicable). Immediately upon submitting your Online Waiver Form you will receive a confirmation number. Print and retain this number, it is your only documentation that your Online Waiver Form was submitted.


Important: Until the Online Waiver Form is submitted and processed, students will remain enrolled in the student insurance plan and the cost of the plan will remain on their student account.

Non-student payers who have been authorized by a Norwich student may view and pay a student’s bill on their behalf. Authorized payers can only be established by the student. Norwich University cannot establish an authorized payer for the student. Authorized payers will first be prompted to login to a secure site with an appropriate ID and password combination. A login ID and password is created by the student when the individual is established as an authorized payer. After login the authorized payer will use the navigation in the left frame to view an electronic bill or make an online payment.

Authorized Payers FAQ

How do I get my student’s bill?

Student bills are sent electronically through Norwich University’s billing and payment system known as NUpay Once a bill has been sent to NUpay, Norwich will notify the student through their Norwich email account. Students may set up their parents — or anyone else — to access their bill as Authorized Payers. Authorized Payers will receive their own email notification that the bill has been posted to NUpay The notification will also include a link to NUpay and is a convenient way to access the system.


How do I become an Authorized Payer?

The student must set up an Authorized Payer. Due to privacy regulations, Norwich personnel cannot do this for you. This can be done quickly by following these step-by-step instructions. The student will:

  1. Enter https://ssb.norwich.edu in your search bar, which will bring you directly to Banner Web.
  2. Enter the student username, in all lowercase letters.
  3. Enter the corresponding password for the Norwich Student Portal to log in.
  4. Click on “Student.”
  5. Click on “View or Pay Online with NUpay.”
  6. Follow the navigation on the left to set up an Authorized Payer.

The Authorized Payer will then receive an email that includes a link to NUpay and the username created for you by your student. You will be instructed to change the password before accessing NUpay.


What do I do if I forget my password?

Your student must assist you because Norwich personnel do not have access to passwords. He or she can create a new one for you by clicking the edit icon under the Authorized Payer section of NUpay and then clicking Reset Password. NUpay will email you a new password.

Please note that when you login and the system prompts you for your “old” password, it does not mean the one that has been forgotten. The “old” password means the password you have just received by email. This will be a 10-character password mixing letters and numbers. During this process you may then change your password to something more memorable.


I’m an Authorized Payer. How do I log in?

The link to NUpay is conveniently included in the e-mail notice sent to you to let you know that the bill has been posted to NUpay, or you can use the link below.



What if I don’t have a computer at home?

If you do not have access to a computer, your student can print a copy of the e-bill for you.

The Student eBill

The Student eBill is generated and an email notification is sent to you. Payment is due by the due date.

The student bill is available through NUpay, the electronic billing and online payments service for Norwich University undergraduate students and their designated Authorized User.

With the NUpay electronic billing service students and authorized payers receive an email notification each time a new e-Statement is posted on line. Once the e-statement is accessed the student or Authorized Payer can make an online payment.

Paying The Bill (eBill)

Every student must pay the bill, by paying the remaining balance after estimated financial aid or setting up a payment plan with our Payment Plan Support team (ECSI) or securing additional loans. This is required to clear the student for each semester’s enrollment. A timely, response will ensure a smooth start-up at the beginning of each semester.

The schedule of the semester bills (Fall and Spring) for 2020-2021 are as follows:

Billing Schedule Bill Generated Return Due Date
Fall Semester End of June Aug. 2, 2021
Spring Semester Mid-November Dec. 13, 2021


Visit Undergrad NUPay


The Student eBill will include tuition, room and board, miscellaneous fees, prior back balance due, and any financial aid that has been awarded.

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