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Whatever you think you're capable of, you can achieve here—and more. Learn how a Norwich education prepares you to lead in a career you love.

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Nearly 200 Years—Learn More About Norwich

Expect Challenge. Achieve Distinction.

The Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) at Norwich University is led by the active duty Airmen of Detachment 867. Det 867 and AFROTC train and equip students to become Air Force officers while completing their college degrees. Det 867 joined our country’s oldest ROTC program at Norwich University in 1971 and has produced commissioned officers for 46 years. Det 867 staff comprise over 100 years of service in all facets of Air Force missions. Det Airmen have served in space, intelligence, aviation and personnel. They’ve served lengthy deployments in Afghanistan, Korea, Qatar, Turkey and countless other short duration missions on every continent on Earth. They’ve flown reconnaissance, mobility, air refueling and rotary wing aircraft. Det Airmen have been trainees, trainers, senior staff officers, commanders, reservists, support staff, security forces augmentees, recruiters, pilots, Green Door staff, HUMINT analysts, pilot training support, special ops staff, multiple intelligence agencies, nuclear support, mishap investigators, missile security, search and rescue and airdrop aircrew members. This select Air Force team supports Norwich University’s mission to develop leaders and it is our primary purpose to develop cadets into Air Force officers ready and willing to perform these and many more missions for our nation.

The curriculum of the AFROTC program provides professional leadership preparation for future Air Force officers through Aerospace Studies (AS) classes, weekly Leadership Laboratory (LLAB) and Physical Training (PT). The Air Force program recruits and trains American men and women to apply their total college experience toward responsible service in a leadership role as a commissioned officer in the active or reserve Air Force components of the Total Force. All AS classes are available to all Norwich students as free electives. Norwich requires military science course work toward Military College of Vermont certification and AS classes can fulfill that requirement. Our advanced AS classes count toward the Norwich Leadership minor. For all students, AF cadet or Norwich Corps, military or civilian, AS classes round out a young leader’s professional education even if not pursuing a commission. Enrollment in Leadership Lab (LLAB) and Physical Training (PT) is specifically for cadets seeking to become commissioned officers. LLAB meets two hours per week and is structured training just like an Air Force organization. Cadets develop their leadership skills each year by leading in progressively more responsible positions within the Cadet Wing. PT is mandatory for all cadets seeking to be officers. PT is an essential part of professional development and leadership and meets for three, one hour periods each week.

The AFROTC curriculum is divided into two major programs: the General Military Course (GMC) and the Professional Officer Course (POC). The GMC is offered during the freshman and sophomore years. Course work in the GMC deals with the structure, doctrine, and function of the Air Force; communication skills; and the historical role of airpower. The GMC years introduce cadets to military life and Air Force values and develop a performance record. If a cadet seeks to become an Air Force officer, they enter the advanced POC LLAB. Admission into the POC LLAB is competitive and based upon a whole person concept including college GPA, medical screening, physical fitness, aptitude tests and successful completion of an approximately 3-week summer encampment called Leadership Evaluation and Development (LEAD). The advanced AS classes (AS300 Leadership and AS400 National Security Affairs) are the advanced academic curriculum associated with the POC. Most students taking these classes are seeking commission or pursuing a Norwich leadership minor, but all AS classes may be taken by any Norwich student.

For students or cadets interested in Air Force professional development, please contact us at 802-485-2460 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • Scholarships

    High School Scholarship Program

    Air Force ROTC Scholarship are available for qualified candidates and there are two ways to receive a scholarships. The first is to apply for a scholarship out of high school. The deadline for the High School Scholarship Program is December 1 during the senior year of high school. Find out more regarding the application requirements at

    In-College Scholarship Program

    The second way to earn an Air Force ROTC scholarship is through our In-College Scholarship Program. If you're a student here at Norwich University, the benefits are even greater, since the University traditionally subsidizes Air Force scholarship winners with additional funds. If you are interested, please contact the recruiting flight commander and see if Air Force ROTC is right for you. The staff at Norwich University will compete qualified candidates for the In-College Scholarship; there is not an online application for an In-College Scholarship. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 802-485-2460 to learn more.

    How can you compete well for a scholarship? You will need the following:

    • Strong Leadership Skills
    • Passing Air Force Physical Fitness Assessment
    • High GPA
    • High SAT or ACT scores
    • Medically Certified

    For an informational overview regarding Air Force ROTC visit to learn about program requirements, scholarships, and careers in the Air Force.

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  • “The Corps of Cadets has been developing disciplined men and women of character for centuries, and I am excited to contribute to that legacy in some small way.”
    LTC Michael Titus, USA (Ret.), Commandant of Cadets Norwich University
  • “I chose Norwich because I wanted more out of my college experience than just classes and a dorm. Norwich gave me opportunities that you can’t get anywhere else: a military lifestyle, a family environment, leadership opportunities, and challenges. That’s what I wanted.”
    Christopher Cole ’15 Chemistry major, Navy ROTC Scholar
  • “At Norwich, I learned that you can accomplish anything—honestly, anything put before you. It’s a mindset. Whatever anyone throws at you, you can most certainly do. You just have to tell yourself that you can, and it will be accomplished.”
    Samantha Thornton ’16 Criminal Justice Major
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Whatever you think you're capable of, you can achieve here—and more. Learn how a Norwich education prepares you to lead in a career you love.

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