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Stephen Pomeroy

Lecturer, School of Business & Management
Former Colonel & Aviator, United States Marine Corps

“I teach primarily for two reasons. First, I attempt to convey theoretical knowledge in a particular field and then relate that to practical knowledge through examples that will resonate with the students so they gain a deeper real world, both theoretical and practical, understanding of concepts. Secondly, I teach because I want to challenge students to think for themselves.”

“I prefer to teach the "people-side" of business and management, because leadership, management, and success in almost any human endeavor almost always boils down to successful understanding of the human dimensions involved. By this, I mean that when we better understand people and facilitate better human interactions, we are much more likely to succeed in any field.”

“Predictably, most of my graduate and post-graduate research focuses on better understanding human behavior and interactions. Particularly, I am very interested in better understanding undergraduate attrition and retention in college-aged populations and what steps may be successful in making success more likely.”

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