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Architect & Program Director
Norwich School of Architecture + Art

I teach because I love the subject of architecture, and I love seeing students discover the world through architecture. Studying architecture gives a person a refined lens for looking at the world, and it is great to see students learning to look at the world through that lens. Norwich is a place where students transform themselves into skilled professionals able to contribute as citizens to making the world a better place to live in. I love seeing that transformation take place. 

At its core, architecture is about beauty and complexity of thought. In any city on the planet you can look for buildings that are proof of human aspiration. That search for beauty is what drives me. To paraphrase Buckminster Fuller, if a solution to a practical problem is not beautiful, then it really did not solve the problem.

My scholarship is focused on drawing people’s attention to ways of practicing architecture that are non-traditional. I am interested in DIY as an ethic and a practice. A question I ask is, how can a person learn how to make buildings while making buildings, without necessarily knowing how to make buildings before they start? I also perennially ask the question, if there is a punk rock equivalent in architecture, what is it?”

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