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Whatever you think you're capable of, you can achieve here—and more. Learn how a Norwich education prepares you to lead in a career you love.

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Nearly 200 Years—Learn More About Norwich

Expect Challenge. Achieve Distinction.

Ready to explore our world? 

The International Center can help get you there. 

We live on a big, beautiful, diverse planet that is ripe for exploration. The global experience offered by Norwich University allows you to see our world firsthand. Learn new things, discover perspectives that differ vastly from your own, and view your own culture through someone else's eyes, all while earning academic credit and building your résumé. Whether you aspire to graduate school or plan to enter the dynamic global job market, international experience gives you an advantage. 

“My mind’s made up—I’m going abroad! Now what?”

Norwich University has developed partnerships with institutions of higher learning across the globe that offer semester-long exchange programs. Check out “Where Should I Study?” below to explore these partnerships by regions of the world. But you’re not limited to our partner institutions. Have your eye on a college or university that doesn’t appear on our list? Make an appointment with the International Center to explore all the options open to you.

“I’m not quite sure I can go abroad for a whole semester. What else is there?”

We’re glad you asked. Check out “More Featured Programs” below to explore even more opportunities for experiential learning beyond the boundaries of the Norwich campus. And how about this—the Maymester program is open to all college students, whether you’re enrolled at Norwich or at another institution.

You’ll never know unless you ask.

Whether you’re one-hundred-percent decided or nowhere near decided, we’re here to answer your questions. Remember, a conversation only costs a little bit of time, and it could change your life. Contact Tom Blood at 1 (802) 485-2797 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Study Abroad

  • Where Should I Study?

    The choice is yours. We offer nearly 20 different programs in 11 countries. Research our available programs, then visit us in the International Center, located in Plumley Armory, to further discuss your options. We can help you figure out which program works best for you based on your interests and your major. Note: The majority of these programs are semester-long. If you're looking for an upcoming Maymester, search here. 

  • Why Study Abroad?

    So, why study abroad? You'll be able to see the world while also furthering your education. That sounds pretty good to us. On top of that, there are a few other reasons study abroad might be the right choice for you.

    Expand your leadership skills.

    Norwich University prepares students to serve as leaders in their careers, their communities, and throughout the world. Leaders who experience living overseas can enhance their ability to incorporate culturally diverse perspectives into their leadership and communication styles.

    Learn a new language, or put a second language to use.

    The best way to become fluent in a language is to be immersed in it. Learning a foreign language involves a variety of skills that can enhance your ability to learn and function in several other areas and open up a world of opportunities.


    Become an expert traveler, navigating airports with ease while also earning college credits. While abroad, weekends and academic breaks allow you time to venture out and discover your surroundings. You’ll return to Norwich with exciting stories of your experiences that you can share with friends.

    Gain a new perspective on world affairs.

    Expand your knowledge of the world first-hand by seeing it, touching it, and experiencing it.

    Develop new abilities.

    Being immersed in an entirely new cultural setting presents you with an opportunity to discover new strengths, conquer new challenges, and solve new problems.

    Challenge yourself.

    If you’ve never been on your own or far away from home, don’t worry! Many students studying abroad report that they returned to Norwich University with a newfound sense of independence and pride.

    Gain a competitive edge for graduate school admissions.

    If you wish to continue your higher education into either a master’s or a doctorate program, a study abroad experience can give you a competitive edge.

    Learn more about yourself.

    Students who study abroad return home with new ideas and perspectives about themselves and their own culture. Encounters with other cultures enable students to see their own culture through new eyes.

    Meet new people and make new friends.

    While abroad, you’ll meet not only people of the culture in which you are studying, but also other study-abroad students from around the U. S. and other countries.

    Become prepared for the increasingly globalized business world.

    Globally minded employees are in high demand. International experience is a critical and impressive part of any résumé. In addition to the personal growth you’ll undergo while overseas, the international and cross-cultural skills you’ll develop can expand your employment opportunities and, consequently, your income potential.

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More Featured Programs

  • Maymester

    Maymester is a three-week study-abroad opportunity popular with students who want the international experience in a more compact package. It takes place in May, hence the name, after the conclusion of the spring semester, leaving time for that summer job. The Maymester program is open to Norwich students as well as students enrolled in other universities. The 2019 Maymesters include offerings in Prague, Trier, Berlin, and Singapore.

    Interested in an upcoming Maymester? To learn more and apply, type “Maymester” in the PROGRAM NAME search field.

  • Study Away


    Study Away is similar to Study Abroad, except stateside. Are you interested in an immersive experience but prefer to concentrate your energies on your home soil? Norwich is developing partnerships with institutions to offer semester-long, immersive learning experiences in the domestic United States. We presently partner with two U.S.-based institutions for Study Away.

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Whatever you think you're capable of, you can achieve here—and more. Learn how a Norwich education prepares you to lead in a career you love.

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