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American Institute of Architectural Students (NU AIAS)

This is a club for the architecture students of Norwich University. NU AIAS strives to inspire young designers, encourage networking and display opportunities in the field of architecture. To do this, the students travel to architectural conferences, host lecture and film series, and participate in design charettes. back to top

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

The objective of the Norwich University American Society of Civil Engineers (NU ASCE) Student Chapter is to provide hands-on engineering experience to civil and environmental engineering and construction engineering management students. The club contributes to Norwich University by allowing students to gain engineering experience outside of the classroom. Students who have participated in NU ASCE will be more knowledgeable than their peers after graduation. The club is planning on participating in three major ASCE competitions this year, concrete canoe, steel bridge and timber bridge competitions. Competing in these competitions represents Norwich University on a regional and national level. The club also promotes the NU civil engineering department by hosting a High School Popsicle Stick Bridge competition. This competition allows high school students to design, build, and test a model bridge while interacting with students in Norwich's civil engineering department. back to top

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

The Norwich University student chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is an organization that seeks to promote and explore opportunities in engineering. ASME offers students, faculty, alumni and community members the ability to interact, network with engineering professionals, and provide civil service to the surrounding area. ASME combines scholastic principles with fundamental real-world applications to enhance engineering knowledge and back to top

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

We are the local chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery. Every week we either have a hands-on project, guest speaker, student presentation or open discussion on something to do with the world of technology. No experience is necessary to join the group, and all majors are welcome. back to top

Criminal Justice Student Association (CJSA)

Club members share a genuine interest in justice studies and federal law enforcement that has evolved into the pursuit of knowledge and wonderful career opportunities beyond the classroom. Members consistently work on projects that allow them to consistently surpass goals. One goal is to help others through community outreach. One of the latest and greatest accomplishments is a fundraiser hosted last spring. In less than two weeks, the team raised more than $400, all of which was donated to a local domestic violence group called Circle. Formerly known as the Battered Women's Service and Shelter, Circle is a non-profit organization in Washington County, Vermont, that provides support and services to victims and survivors of intimate partner violence. CJSA members made it their personal mission to help others within our community while also working toward accomplishing other goals. The desire to pursue knowledge and great opportunities has led the CJSA to organize educational trips to forensic labs, FBI field offices and to Washington, D.C. Furthermore, the association maintains networks with alumni and former CJSA members that provides members with exclusive opportunities during these trips. back to top

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

IEEE is a professional club preparing students for life as a professional engineer by learning to work together in teams on projects and providing mentoring from more senior members of the club. IEEE is involved in professional seminars and meets with guest speakers to learn even more about engineering as a discipline. back to top

Maroon and Gold Key Club (MGK)

The Maroon and Gold Key club is an organization that focuses on enhancing prospective high school students and their families’ experience when visiting campus. The Officers and Members of the Maroon and Gold Key club serve as the student ambassadors for the University. In their duties, they assist the Office of Admissions in conducting daily campus tours, host prospective students overnight, and assist with the operational planning and execution of open houses as well as other special visitation events on campus. MGK also assists in training students that seek to do any form of hometown recruiting over general leave or vacation from the University. First-year members are inducted into the ranks of MGK when they earn their “keys” at the end of the second semester. By the end of their first year, keyed members gain a unique set of skills that vary from public speaking to leadership and professional development. back to top

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

The Norwich chapter of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) brings members together to forge friendships explore the professional world of engineering. While SWE is focused on issues of interest to women specializing in engineering and technical careers, it is not an inclusive group and is not limited to female engineers. Events for this club include pumpkin carving, engineering day for the areas Girl Scouts, the He and Me Dance, and other team building activities such as professional field trips, apple picking, and ice-cream socials. SWE back to top