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Ballroom Dancing Club

The goal of the Norwich Ballroom Dance Club is to present students with the opportunity to learn a valuable skill for their future plans while still having fun. We want to extend the opportunities beyond just learning and practicing by providing experience outside of our campus meeting place through ballroom dance competitions. The Ballroom Club allows people to dance with a variety of partners, of which many will become lifelong friends; it is a way for students in different courses of study to meet new people who share a similar interest. Ballroom dancing is also a beneficial skill to learn for the future, whether our members are joining the armed forces or entering the business career field upon graduation. back to top

Engine Club

The Norwich University Engine Club offers Norwich students the opportunity to learn about internal combustion engines. No experience is required and there is no cost of membership. All students are welcome to participate, regardless of major. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about engines and apply engineering skills to practical problems, or to learn something completely new. back to top

Entrepreneurship Club

The Entrepreneurship Club’s goal is to assemble students with multifarious educational backgrounds in a consultative environment through which business concepts are supported and launched. Our club will work not only on individual projects, but also embrace the idea of continual education by providing students with diverse speakers and seminars spanning the spectrum of business. back to top

Film Society

Our mission is to create film productions, which are geared to inspire ethics and teach students the Hollywood process and trade of making a professional motion picture. Our side goals are to boost Norwich to the top of the college film world through film festivals and help the local communities through proceed contributions. The NUFS is not about watching movies, but making them. We create whole films spanning from action/adventure to romance starting at an idea, and work our way through writing the script to holding auditions, shooting and editing the final product. We have many jobs with the club ranging from acting and tech crew, to director and producer. Everyone who is in the club contributes greatly to the success of the film. After we premiere our film at Norwich, then it travels around the nation at many film festivals. We too hold our very own Norwich University Film Festival which helps other student film makers achieve their goals of success and appreciation. back to top

Handgun Intensive Tactical Shooting Club

The purpose of the Norwich University Handgun Intensive Tactical Shooting Club is to teach its members, be they cadets, civilian students or faculty members, how to safely handle and operate a variety of firearms for use in future engagements, whether as a member of the military, law enforcement or as citizens; and to instill the leadership and confidence necessary to lead others to do the same. back to top

Norwich University Tactical Society

The Norwich University Tactical Society, or NUTS, is a group of like-minded individuals who gather to test each other in games of tactics and skill. We play many games both physical and digital. We have board games such as Axis and Allies and Frag as well as non-war based titles such as Settlers of Catan. There are also competitive card games such as Magic the Gathering. We keep no regular attendance and anyone is welcome to come as often or seldom as they like. We play book roleplaying games such as D&D, Rouge Trader and Deathwatch but space for those is limited and usually fills within the first few weeks. back to top

Pipes and Drums Band

The Norwich University Pipes and Drums Band is dedicated to learning and performing Highland music to the best of its abilities. In particular, the band is looking for players of the bagpipes, snare, Scottish tenor, and bass drums. Experience is preferred but not required. The band plays both locally and regionally. MU230 and MU200 are accompanying 1-credit classes that may be taken as humanities electives. back to top

Student Alumni Association

The Student Alumni Association is a way to connect the Norwich University Alumni Association with the student body through services, programming and special events. Club members are also expected to help educate the student body on philanthropy and what it means to be a good alumnus after graduation.

Venture Crew Club

Venturing is a continuation of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts programs that allow all Norwich students to continue their scouting career. The crew focuses activities such as camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. back to top