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Schedule of Fees and Charges

A Private Education is Affordable

Many families assume they cannot afford a private education and make the mistake of basing their college selection on published costs alone. Don’t fall victim to “sticker shock.” At Norwich University, you will be surprised at the options available and how we can make a top-quality private education affordable. The Financial Aid Office will work with you to design a financial aid package that is tailored to meet your individual family circumstances.

All fees must be paid in order to enroll. There is an automatic hold on registration, transcripts, and diplomas for anyone whose student account is not paid in full. Items for which payment was deferred must also be paid before a transcript may be released. Please see Corps of Cadets and Dean of Students regulations or publications for other applicable fees.

Please note: Fees and charges are subject to change. When such changes are made, notice will be given as far in advance as possible. For further information about fees and charges, payment options, refund schedules and information about the student account, explore the policy list via the side navigation.

Undergraduate Resident Student

Fall Semester
Spring Semester
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
(includes tuition for up to six courses; see Policies, course overload charge)
$21,430 $21,430 $42,860 $23,430 $23,430 $46,860
Security Deposit 
(see Policies, Security Deposit)
  $200     $200
Resident students are charged a per semester fee for their on-campus housing.
$6,000 $6,000 $12,000 $5,000 $5,000 $10,000
Meal Plan
Resident students are charged a comprehensive fee for their meal plan for on-campus dining facilities
$1,900 $1,900 $3,800 $2,000 $2,000 $4,000
Medical Insurance 
(see Policies, Medical Insurance)
  $1,420     $1,500
Student Activities Fee $260 $260 $520 $290 $290 $580
Technology Fee 
(see Policies, Technology Fee)
$610 $610 $1,220 $670 $670 $1,340
University Health Services Fee
(use of clinic, infirmary, substance education and counseling services)
$370 $370 $740 $410 $410 $820
Uniform Fee: Rook Class (see Policies, Cadet Uniform)
Fall 2022 $2,600 $785
(second year fall semester bill)
Fall 2023 $2,700 $825
(second year fall semester bill)

Undergraduate Commuter Student- Full Time

Fall Semester
Spring Semester
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
(includes tuition for up to six courses; see Policies, course overload charge)
$21,430 $21,430 $42,860 $23,430 $23,430 $46,860
Security Deposit
(see Policies, Security Deposit)
  $200      $200
Medical Insurance
(see Policies, Medical Insurance)
  $1,420      $1,500
Student Activites Fee $260 $260 $520 $290 $290 $580
Technology Fee
(see Policies, Technology Fee)
$610 $610 $1,220 $670 $670 $1,340
University Health Services Fee
(use of clinic, infirmary, substance education and counseling services)
$370 $370 $740 $410 $410 $820

Commuter Student – Part time




     Part-time Commuter




     Part-time Commuter


$  8,580

$  9,380

     Part-time Commuter


$  4,290

$  4,690

     Part-time Commuter


$  1,610

$  1,760


Tuition, fees and deposit for on-campus graduate programs

Item (2022-23)
Tuition $845/credit  $924/credit
Room and Board (per year, for residential master’s candidates only) $15,800  $14,000
Room N/A $10,000
Board N/A $4,000
Basic Fees (Health, Technology, Student Activities) $2,480  $2,740
Medical Insurance (full-time students only, estimated cost) $1,420  $1,500
Admissions Deposit $250  $500


Miscellaneous Fees and Charges

Deposit (Advance Payment)
(see Policies, Deposit (Advance Payment) )
$250 $500
Audit (per course, non-refundable) $1,260 $1,380
ATI Nursing Fee $375-$441 $375-$441
Clinical courses/course $694 $694
Course Overload Charge
(per credit hour; see Policies, course overload charge)
$1,260 $1,380
Fire Alarm Reset
$25 $25 
Fire Alarm Reset
$100  $100
Identification Card Replacement $25 $25
iPad Fee
(annual; required for class utilization)
$550 $650
Late Payment/Processing Fee
(per month)
$65 $65
Lab/Science Course Fee $10 - $60 $10 - $60
Lab/Engineering Course Fee $30 - $230 $30 - $230
Mail Box Key Replacement Charge $35 $35
Orientation fee   $350
PE 355 Certification Materials Fee $80 $80
Readmission Fee
(non-refundable, but applied to tuition)
$250 $250
Registration for Equivalency Examination
(posting exam credit $250 per credit hour)
$250 $250
Replacement Diploma Fee $75 $75
Room Lockout
(open locked door)
$40 $40
Room Key Replacement Charge $40 $40
Science Materials Fee   $75
Senior Citizens (Age 62)
(not applicable to summer courses, or if matriculating for a degree)
No Charge  No Charge
Single-Room Surcharge (South & Dalrymple Halls)
(per semester)
$825 $850
Study Abroad $750 $750
Vehicle Registration
(per year)
$400 $425

Course Fees

Simulation for Nursing Practice   $120
Computer Forensics I   $150
Introduction to Drawing   $25
Introduction to Visual Design   $25
Introduction to Painting   $50
Introduction to Printmaking   $50
Introduction to Photography   $90
Fundamentals of Digital Design   $70
Embedded Systems   $90
Construction Safety   $15
Principles of Financial Accounting   $89
Principles of Managerial Accounting   $89

Cadet Uniform Policy

The student is obligated for the full cost of the cadet uniform at the time the uniform is issued.

Please note: Additional uniform replacement parts are at the expense of the student at time of purchase.

Rooks withdrawing from the Corps of Cadets will receive a refund for the unused portion of their uniform issue and for items that have not been personally fitted/tailored. The manager of the Cadet Uniform Store will determine refunds.

Should the cadet withdraw from the Corps of Cadets or require a transcript, the full cost of the uniform, to include both the billed cost and the remaining unbilled cost of the uniform (less any approved refunds) will be applied to the student’s account and must be paid when received. There is an automatic hold on transcripts and diplomas for any student whose student account is not paid in full.

Check Cashing Privileges Policy

All enrolled students may cash checks at the bookstore up to $100 and at the Bursar’s Office up to $150. Additionally, there is an automated teller machine (ATM) on campus that is connected with the PLUS and NYCE network systems.

Course Overload Charge Policy

Tuition pays for 19 credits per semester, excluding ROTC and MU260, Regimental Band. With the exception of ROTC courses and MU260, credits in excess of 19 will be charged at the part-time tuition rate. Bills will be adjusted for overloads at the end of the add/drop period.

Disenrollment for Financial Reasons Policy

A student may not re-enroll for a succeeding term if the student’s account is not paid or satisfactorily settled for the previous term. A student with an account that has not been paid in full, and who is permitted to enroll for a term, must meet the payment provisions made at enrollment or face immediate disenrollment.

Upon written appeal, the chief financial officer and treasurer may reconsider, and, in specific cases where good and sufficient reasons exist, grant exception to the policy. Such exceptions will generally not be made for medical illness or accident, unless the student enrolled in the tuition refund plan.

Deposit (Advance Payment) Policy

To enable Norwich University to make necessary plans for the instruction and maintenance of the student body, anticipated enrollment for the fall must be determined the prior spring. Norwich University requires an advance payment from all students who intend to return in the fall to help ensure accurate planning. This advance payment of $500 is due May 1. It is a nonrefundable deposit, but upon enrollment it is applied towards your account, reducing the student’s bill by $500. If the deposit is not used during the succeeding three years, the deposit will be declared income to Norwich University.

Accepted students: take care of this on our Pay Your Deposit page.

Dorm Damage Charge Policy

Damages to a room will be charged to the occupant. Damage to common use areas of dormitories may require a pro rata charge for each student on that floor or in that building, if it is not possible to determine responsibility. Any damages will be charged directly to students’ accounts.

International Student Payment Options

Norwich University can accept funds only in U.S. dollars drawn on U.S. banks. Students studying outside the United States must send U.S. currency drawn on or through U.S. banks, or make arrangement to wire (transfer) funds. This can be accomplished by contacting the Bursar’s Office. Norwich also accepts MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards with the same stipulations that apply to checks.

Lab/Course Fees

Lab/course fees are assessed to students enrolled in specific courses, principally science and engineering. The fee covers the consumables used in the lab and in some cases also covers the cost of the lab manual and/or specialized software. The exact fee varies by course but ranges from $10 to $40 for science courses and $30 to $75 for engineering.

Medical Insurance Policy

Norwich University requires that every full-time student have medical insurance coverage, either a personal policy or the policy offered by the school.

To waive health insurance — Visit sso.norwich.edu and click on the Student Health Insurance Icon for insurance information and to complete the online waiver. Until the Online Waiver Form is submitted and processed, students will remain enrolled in the student insurance plan and the cost of the plan will remain on their student account. Students that fail to complete their insurance waiver be the close of the enrollment period will remain on the insurance plan for the remainder of the policy year and will be responsible for the associated costs for the insurance plan.

Refund Policy – Overpayment on Enrolled Student Account

Requests for refund check(s) must be in writing. Refund will be sent to students unless the credit is from a Federal Parent Plus Loan. The refund check process can take up to three weeks from the date the written request is received and provided there is a credit balance on the student account. Refund checks are generated weekly and are mailed or available on Friday of each week. Allow up to three weeks for a refund.

Payment Plan Options – FAQs

Q: What are Norwich University’s payment plan(s) offerings?
A: Students may enroll only in a single plan per term. Payment plans are set up by semester only. You may set up a five-to-four-month plan. 

Q: May I enroll in a plan before I have an account balance for the semester?
A: No. You will need to have received your bill for the semester, which cannot be generated until you have been registered.

Q: What payment methods can I use when enrolling in my Norwich University payment plan?
A: You can sign up for a payment plan and pay via ACH (direct debit from your bank account), credit or debit card. You can make a one-time payment as well using the same payment methods.

Q: What fees are charged for enrolling in a Norwich University Payment Plan that I am eligible for?
A: Enrollment fee = $40 per semester; late fee = $65.

Q: Does Norwich University charge a credit card service fee if I use my credit card to enroll in a payment plan? 
A: You may also use a credit card with NUpay. Accepted credit cards are Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. A nonrefundable 2.85% ($3 minimum) service fee is charged in addition to the account payment amount.

Q: May I pay by cash if I signed up for a payment plan?
A: Payments through any method will reduce your plan amount automatically. Any payment you make to Norwich University will go toward your next plan installment.

Q: Can I still enroll in a plan if I have financial aid? How does that affect my plan?
A: At enrollment, the payment plan is calculated on the balance owed after all payments and/or financial aid credits are deducted from the amount due. Financial aid awarded after the initiation of the plan reduces all installments equally.

Q: When will my payment post to my student account?
A: Your payments are posted immediately as soon as a payment is processed successfully.

Q: Why do I see an amount due for an installment I already paid?
A: Installments reopen if their due dates have not passed and you have new charges on your student account.

The plan is set up to pay your charges for a number of items, such as tuition, fees, (and books, if you have financial aid). Anytime you have new charges for those items, your plan installment amounts will increase. Anytime you have payments or other new credits toward those items, your installment amounts will decrease.  Balances on Norwich University account recalculate overnight. If you do not see changes right away, check your account again in 24 hours. Monthly installment amounts will not adjust 14 days before a payment due date for changes to your account.  Your new payment amount will take effect on the following month’s payment.

Please note that the Norwich University plan prevents you from making another payment on the same day to prevent overpayment or double payment.

An email notification is sent following each recalculation reflecting the new payment amount. You will also receive a reminder email that your monthly installment is due three days before the installment due date.

Q: Can my family or other authorized users have access to my student account?
A: Students may set up authorized users to view their billing information and/or their student bill on his or her behalf. Please note that, in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, this does not allow the authorized user to view the student’s academic records, course schedule, or other personal information. Authorized users may view student account activity, make payments, and set up payment plans. 

Instructions : Log into NU Pay.

  • Log into ssb.norwich.edu
  • Select “Student Services”, then select "Student Account"
  • Select either "Account Information" or "Account Detail for Term", then click the "Pay Now" button.

Set up your Authorized User(s) by clicking on the “Authorized Users” tab. Click “Add Authorized User,” enter the email address of the authorized user, and you will grant the user permission to view student account information. Click ‘Continue’ to finalize.

Students cannot make payments toward a plan set up by an authorized user.  If your authorized user enrolled in the plan, you can see it, but the authorized user must make the payments.

Q: How do my parents access my account in Norwich University?
A: https://secure.touchnet.net/C20356_tsa/web/login.jsp

Q: May my parents both pay on one payment plan?
A: The student may sign up for the plan themselves and then give access to each parent as an authorized user. Each parent will pay his or her personally agreed upon portion of the plan each month.

Q: What if I no longer want to attend classes after registration?
A: You have to withdraw formally from classes. Contact the Center for Student Success at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to ensure that you are no longer enrolled and that you are removed from your payment plan. Please do not assume your registration and/or payment plan will be automatically dropped/cancelled for non-payment.

Q: Whom do I call with Norwich University payment plan questions?
A: Payment Plans Support number: 833-269-3675. Our dedicated Tuition Payment Plan support representatives will be able to answer questions related to your account balance, plan details, installment payment status and plan agreement.

Past-Due Account Policy

Any inactive account not paid when due may be placed with a collection agency and subject to collection and legal costs.

Checks: Returned, Nonsufficient Funds Policy

A $25 fee will be charged to the student account for each check returned by the bank for nonpayment. Norwich University reserves the right to require a cashiers check for all payments subsequent to the return of a personal check for nonsufficient funds.

Security Deposit Policy

A security deposit is a one-time charge to all resident and full-time, nonresident students. The deposit will be refunded within 10 weeks following withdrawal or graduation.

Technology Fee

The technology fee is composed of three components: 1) university computing infrastructure 2) core network resources and 3) the academic computing environment. University infrastructure costs include systems that provide all students with electronic access to and from the university and the portal systems that distribute information. Core network resources include the necessary equipment and services to provide network connectivity to these resources. The academic computing environment includes all computer labs, smart classrooms, printers, software and maintenance.

Transcripts and Diploma Hold Policy

There is an automatic hold on transcripts and diplomas for any student whose student account is not paid in full.

Student accounts are paid in full only after final payments have been received by the University from all scholarship, grants, loans, payment plan organizations, financial aid institutions, or other funding sources used by the student. Please allow 10 business days for release of a transcript when a balance is paid by personal check. Immediate release is allowed when payment is made by money order, bank check, or credit card. We accept Discover, American Express, Visa and MasterCard.

Tuition Assistance (TA) Rate Information

For Department of Defense Tuition Assistance (TA) Funding Purposes ONLY, all rates are charged as flat fee rate.  

A. Full-time Residential, Part-time Residential and Full-time Commuter Tuition Rates 

The per-credit rates provided are for Defense Department funding purposes and actual tuition rates are charged as a flat fee rate. The flat tuition rate for 2022-23 is $42,860 per year for full-time residential, full-time commuter, and part-time residential students. The flat Tuition rate for 2021-22 is $41,624 per year for full-time residential, full-time commuter, and part-time residential students.

Students living on campus or participating in an approved study away program are considered residential students.  The rates below are calculated per Defense Department instructions as follows: (Tuition cost/year) X (number of years to complete program) = ($A). ($A / total number of semester hours to complete program = cost per hour ($B/hr.).

2022-2023 Program Tuition Rates


$/Credit Hour 



Architectural Studies (MA)




Athletic Training










Civil Engineering




Computer  Science


Computer Security - Information Assurance


Construction Management


Criminal Justice




Electrical and Computer Engineering






Environmental Science


Exercise Science




Health Science




International Business


International Studies






Mechanical Engineering






Physical Education




Political Science






Studies in War & Peace




Additional Fees
Textbooks $175/Term* Associate, Bachelor, Certificate, Master
Technology Fee (Campus Only) $610/term Bachelor
Student Activity Fee (Campus Only) $260/term Bachelor
Music 200 Surcharge $520/term Bachelor
Clinical Nursing Instruction Fee (Campus Nursing) $694/term Bachelor
Health Services Fee (Campus Only) $370/term Bachelor
Technology (Online Program) $150/term Bachelor
Technology (Online Program) $300/term Master
Portfolio Fee (Online) $50/term Master
Thesis Fee (Online Program) $1,000/term Master
Sustaining Fee (Online Program $575/term Associate, Bachelor, Certificate, Master
Library (Online Program) $100/term Bachelor
Library (Online Program) $75/term Certificate, Master
Room and Board $7,900/term Bachelor, Master
Rook Uniform (Campus Only) $2,600/term Bachelor
Soph. Uniform (Campus Only) $1,260/term Bachelor
Clinical Fee for Nursing NP (Online) $600/term Certificate, Master
Technology Fee (Online Nursing Only)    $350/term Certificate, Master


* Please note, the estimated cost of books and materials is $175 per term. Norwich’s program offering and course material requirements are diverse and individualized, therefore, actual costs may vary significantly from this estimate across various student populations, program course offerings, and individual instructor.

B. Part-Time Commuter Rates

The per credit rates provided are for Department of Defense funding purposes and actual tuition rates are charged as a flat fee rate for commuter students based on the number of credits taken per category. 


Number of Part-time Credits

Flat cost

$/Credit Hour


$    1,610.00 

$  1,610.00


$    1,610.00

$     805.00 


$    4,290.00

$  1,430.00


$    4,290.00

$  1,072.50


$    4,290.00

$     858.00 


$    8,580.00 

$  1,430.00


$    8,580.00

$  1,225.71


$    8,580.00

$  1,072.50


$  12,860.00 

$  1428.89


$  12,860.00 

$  1,286.00 


$  12,860.00

$  1,169.09


Number of Part-time Credits Flat cost  $/Credit Hour 
1 $1,561.00  $     1,561.00
2 $1,561.00  $        780.50
3 $4,162.00  $     1,387.33
4 $4,162.00  $     1,040.50
5 $4,162.00  $        832.40
6 $8,325.00  $     1,387.50
7 $8,325.00  $     1,189.29
8 $8,325.00  $     1,040.63
9 $12,487.00  $     1,387.44
10 $12,487.00  $     1,248.70
11 $12,487.00  $     1,135.18

Refund Policy for Withdrawals

Notification of withdrawal and requests for refunds must be in writing. As Norwich University must make commitments to faculty and staff ahead of student enrollment, only a partial refund of fees charged will be made if a student leaves for any reason prior to the end of any semester. The following schedule for refunds, calculated from the second day classes start, will be applicable to undergraduate tuition and fees. 100% of tuition assistance funds received for a given term will be refunded to the appropriate military service up to the first day of a course.

Fall Semester 2022

Withdrawal Dates Charge Refund
First week Aug. 30 - Sept. 5 20% 80%
Second week Sept. 6 – Sept. 12 20% 80%
Third week Sept. 13 – Sept. 19 40% 60%
Fourth week Sept. 20 – Sept. 26 60% 40%
Fifth week Sept. 27 – Oct. 3 80% 20%
After fifth week Oct. 4 and later 100% -0-


Spring Semester 2023

Withdrawal Dates Charge Refund
First Week Jan. 10 – Jan. 16 20% 80%
Second Week Jan. 17 – Jan. 23 20% 80%
Third Week Jan. 24 – Jan. 30 40% 60%
Fourth Week Jan. 31– Feb. 6 60% 40%
Fifth Week Feb. 7 – Feb. 13 80% 20%
After fifth week Feb. 14 and later 100% -0-

 For information regarding summer refunds click here.

*Housing (room) refunds for students withdrawing from school will be subject to the refund schedule above. Food costs (board) will be subject to pro-rata charges for the days a student resided on campus.

NOTE: If the semester charges were not paid in full at the time of withdrawal, a bill will be forwarded for the balance due, calculated by using the appropriate percentage. Scholarships, grants and federally funded loans will be refunded, in the appropriate ratio, using federal guidelines for financial aid, either to the university or to the agency from which the aid funds were received. In many cases, this will result in an additional amount due the university.

For additional related Norwich University policies and regulations, click here.

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