Education Paths

For cadets and civilian students

Many people assume that students who attend a military college must enter the service after graduation. Not so—many Norwich students elect not to participate in the Corps of Cadets. And although the opportunity to compete for a military commission is available to all cadets, those who do not earn an ROTC scholarship or contract to commission through ROTC are under no obligation to serve.

There are a variety of paths Norwich students follow, depending on their goals.

  • ROTC scholarship cadets: Students who have accepted ROTC scholarships—during high school or here at Norwich—are obligated to commission in their chosen branch of service following graduation.
  • ROTC-contracted cadets: Cadets who have contracted with an ROTC unit in order to pursue a scholarship and commission through the ROTC program.
  • Non-contracted cadets: These are cadets who have elected not to contract with an ROTC unit or pursue a ROTC scholarship, or are not medically qualified to commission. Typically, cadets have until their junior year to decide whether to contract with an ROTC unit and pursue a commission. Those who do not seek a military career graduate with no military obligation.
  • Civilian students with military ties: Some nursing majors, active service members and veterans lead a civilian lifestyle, but maintain ties with the military.
  • Civilian students: These students lead a non-military lifestyle. They encompass both on-campus residential students and commuters.

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