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Norwich students are our best advocates. Check out our student blogs and read—and sometimes listen and watch—their experiences. In their own words. Sometimes upbeat, positive, and determined. Other times tired, pensive, and unsure. But always authentic.

Norwich Admissions

Admissions Blog
KL 2013Fall-3

Gdebanen-Noodenimin Clarke

Gdebanen-Noodenimin’s blog
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Kathleen Covino

Kathleen’s blog

Marybeth Davis

Marybeth’s blog
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Kristieann Desilvio

Kristieann’s blog

Christopher Greenwood

Christopher’s blog
Greenwood_Christopher copy

Kasey Jacobs

Kasey’s blog
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Sarah Kazmierczak

Sarah’s blog

Tiffany Neeb

Tiffany’s blog

Carter Outsa

Carter’s blog

Megan Pearson

Megan’s blog


Miranda Lloyd

Miranda’s blog

Simka Stephenson

Simka’s blog


Celes Todd

Celes’ blog



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