Rooks: what to bring

What to wear upon arrival

Rooks must arrive on Rook Arrival Day wearing the following items:

  • Khaki pants, tan (chino-style); example:
  • Belt, conservative, plain buckle; example:
  • White crew neck short sleeve t-shirt (no pockets)
  • White, short sleeved dress shirt, plain without pattern; example:
  • Athletic footwear (sneakers) with crew length white socks

Note: Rooks authorized to arrive before Rook Arrival Day may arrive in appropriate civilian attire, but will need the above items to wear on Rook Arrival Day. See a full list of what Rooks should bring (and not bring) upon arrival below:

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For any questions feel free to email or call the Uniform Store at:
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Cadet Uniform Policy

The Cadet Uniform Fee for incoming Rooks this year will be $2600.00. The student is obligated for the full cost of the cadet uniform at the time uniform supplies are issued; however, this cost is billed over the first two years of enrollment ($2,000.00 billed during the Fall of the first year, $600 billed during Spring of second year).  Rooks withdrawing from the Corps of Cadets will receive a refund from the Cadet Uniform Store for the unused portion of their uniforms, unless the items have been personally fitted or tailored.

If you have any questions regarding the Cadet Uniform policy please contact the Uniform Store at 802-485-2206. If you have any questions regarding the billing process please contact the Bursar’s Office at 802.485.2055.

Recommended shoes and boots


Shoes must be plain black leather or patent leather military style. The shoes will have a non-contrasting sole and normal standard heel. Rubber soles are recommended due to the climate in Vermont. Shoes are not allowed to have a toe cap or stitching across the toe and may not be slip-on in style.

For examples, visit Bates Footwear and Matterhorn


Boots must be tan military-style combat boots, 8-inch Field Boot. No side zippers, No Air Force Sage boots, No Marine Corps Olive boots allowed.

There are three styles of boots that we at the Uniform Store recommend for incoming Rooks based on experience and testing. With our experience, we feel that a temperate (Gore-Tex) or a summer boot are the best for the initial months, and Rooks should look into winter boots after some time in the colder weather.

Summer Temperate Winter
Unlined Waterproof Liner Waterproof Liner
Lightweight Slightly warmer Insulated
Quick-drying Sole better for winter months Sole better for winter months
Feet stay cooler Takes longer to dry Takes longer to dry
Not waterproof Feet may sweat in warmer environments
Our Selections
Belleville 390
Rocky C4 Trainer
Nike SFB
Belleville 790 Belleville 795

For examples, visit:

Recruits with questions, or having difficulty finding the correct boot or shoe, should contact the Cadet Uniform Store at 802-485-2206.

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