VA Yellow Ribbon Program and Military HEROES Act

Yellow Ribbon:

Norwich University is a participating member of the Department of Defense Yellow Ribbon program which helps ensure veteran benefit eligible students receive full consideration for funding. Students utilizing Post 9/11 Veteran Benefits at the 100% qualification level based on years of service receive a combination of VA and Yellow Ribbon resources at a level that covers 100% of their tuition and fee costs. To learn more about education benefit programs for veterans and the Yellow Ribbon Program, visit the US Veteran’s Administration website.


The Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students (HEROES) Act of 2003 (Public Law 108-76) is intended to ensure that service members who are receiving Federal Student Aid Program funding are not adversely affected because of their military status and to minimize the administrative burden placed on such individuals. The HEROES Act provides opportunity for colleges and universities to manage Federal aid program requirements differently for service members, their spouses, and their dependents if their ability to comply with standard requirements is hindered by their active duty military status. Administrative relief may be provided related to income used for eligibility calculations, required documentation, required signatures, student loan collection activities, Satisfactory Academic Progress expectations and others.

Potentially affected individuals are encouraged to contact the Student Financial Planning Office or their Direct Loan service agent if they feel that their individual or family situation may qualify them for administrative relief based on HEROES Act provisions. Affected individuals include the following as well as their spouses and dependents:

  1. Active duty military personnel serving during a war, military operation or national emergency declared by the President.
  2. Members of the National Guard performing a qualifying duty (i.e., called to active service by the President or Secretary of Defense for a period of more than 30 consecutive days) during a war, military operation or national emergency declared by the President.
  3. People who reside or are employed in an area declared a disaster area by any Federal, State or local official in connection with a national emergency declared by the President.
  4. People who suffer economic hardship as a result of a war, military operation, or national emergency declared by the President.

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