Ambassadors Program opportunities

College fairs

College fairs offer prospective students and their parents the opportunity to meet with representatives from colleges and universities and receive information about schools they may be interested in attending. These fairs are often a student’s first contact with Norwich University, and it is to our advantage to attend as many of these college fairs as possible. This is where being an ambassador directly benefits the University and the many students and parents who will learn about Norwich.

We provide you with everything you’ll need—including concise and easy-to-read information on our two lifestyles, academic offerings, financial aid, and student life. Prospective student that visit NU’s table may range from those who have a vast knowledge of Norwich, to those who may have never before heard of Norwich! You will encounter some students that have a preset list of questions they ask about all schools. Some will have no questions at all, and expect the representative to “sell” them on the university. We have a lot to be proud of at Norwich, and the most important goal of this program is to relay that information to prospective students.

Fairs typically last 1-2 hours. Some are held at high schools, some at community colleges. The majority take place in spring and fall. Regardless of where you live, there are probably numerous fairs held nearby regularly.

Adopt a high school

Adopting a high school in your hometown can be a simple and almost effortless way to become an active volunteer. This essentially involves visiting the school’s guidance department one to three times per year and making sure they have all of the current information about NU.

You might have a chat with a guidance counselor to explain some of Norwich’s attributes, and it may be the counselor will know students looking for a school like ours.

Many times, students interested in Norwich will stop by, which gives you an opportunity to discuss the benefits of attending our school.

Visiting a high school typically takes 30-60 minutes, and is a fast way to make sure NU is fresh in the guidance counselor’s mind. That way, they’ll remember Norwich and be more likely to suggest the student consider us.

Contact recruits

Throughout the school year, Norwich admissions counselors are busy accepting students that are qualified to attend NU. Once a student is accepted, we use several resources to reach out to the student and discuss their possible futures here. One of these resources can be you, the Norwich Ambassador.

These students are making one of the most challenging decisions of their lives, just as you did when you chose Norwich. By reaching out to them, you can share your Norwich experience. These students want to know how a college is going to prepare them for life after graduation—this is your chance to tell them from firsthand experience.

You can call students whenever you have time. You can actively volunteer and say when and how often you’d like to be involved. Most students get out of school mid- to late-afternoon, which offers a large window of time during which you can contact them.

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