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2017-18 College-University Aggregated Immunization Report

Enrollment 835  
Tdap or Td met 828 99.20%
Tdap or Td not met 7 0.08%
MMR met 828 99.20%
MMR not met 7 0.08%
Varicella met 824 98.70%
Varicella not met 11 1.30%
Hep B met 821 98.30%
Hep B not met 14 1.70%
Dormitory enrollment 666  
Meningococcal met 660 99.1%
Meningococcal not met 6 0.90%
Medical Exempt 0 0.00%
Religious Exempt 7 0.80%
Philosophic Exempt 0 0.00%
Provisional Admittance 25 3.60%


Enrollment: include only fall semester new entering students, i.e. first year and transfers. Dormitory Enrollment is a subset of enrollment.

Met: meets the vaccine requirements as defined by regulation. Includes students with evidence of immunity due to history of disease or positive titer.

Not met: does not meet the vaccine or evidence of immunity requirement. Includes students with medical, religious, and philosophical exemptions, and students provisionally admitted.

Met plus Not Met equal the enrollment count, those Not Met are explained as either exempt or provisionally admitted.

Medical, religious and philosophic exemption: includes students with a current year signed exemption form for one or more vaccines.

Provisional admittance: includes students who neither meet requirements for one or more vaccines nor have a current signed exemption.

Limitations of the data: Any student counted as "not met" for an individual vaccine must also be represented as having either an exemption or counted as provisionally admitted. When looking at the individual vaccines it is not always possible to determine why compliance was not met.