Transfer Credit Approval

Click here to determine Norwich equivalent courses for previously accepted transfer courses. Using the drop-down menus, first choose the state of the transfer institution. Then choose the transfer institution.

Be aware that while most transfer courses are still accepted as noted, there are exceptions; faculty may change course content over time, wherein the equivalency may no longer apply.  This list is not a guarantee that a course will transfer.  It is a guide to show how similar courses have transferred in the past.

To ensure that a transfer will be accepted as an equivalent course at Norwich, students should ALWAYS have the appropriate Norwich faculty approve the transfer courses by using the Transfer Credit Request Form.  After securing all necessary signatures on this form, it must be brought to the Registrar’s Office, where it will be placed in the student’s electronic file for reference when the transfer transcript is received.

As with most other colleges and universities in the United States, credits earned at Norwich University are transferable only at the discretion of the receiving school. (Pursuant to Vermont Statutes Annotated, Title XVI, Statute 176, Sec. 1(c)(1)(C).)

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