Final Grade Information:

Faculty must enter final grades within 72 hours after the last day of final exams for Fall & Spring terms and within 72 hours from the last day of Summer classes.   Students can view final grades after faculty have entered them.  However, following this deadline, the Registrar must ensure all grades have been entered and all end-of-term processes have been completed.  When this has been completed, students can view grades and Academic Standing (Probation,Dismissal) on BannerWeb.

  • After faculty enter grades, students may view their mid-semester and final grades on Banner Web
  • One week after Fall or Spring semester, students can view their grades and current GPA on their “Academic Transcript” on students’ Banner Web

Mid-Semester Grade Information

 Faculty must enter mid-semester Grades on the first day of the eighth week of Fall and Spring semesters.

  • Students can view mid-semster grades on Banner Web

Grade Information for Parents

  • Parents can view the grades of their student on Banner Web; students must log into BannerWeb for the grades to display.
  • Norwich University does not mail grades or provide grades over the phone in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA)

Information regarding:

  • Grades
  • GPA Calculation
  • Repeating Courses
  • Pass/Fail Grades
  • Incomplete Grades
  • Grade Reporting
  • Mid-Semster Grades
  • Changes to Grades
  • Audit Grades

are all located in Grades, within the Academic Policy section of the catalog.

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