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Charles A. Dana Professor
Criminal Justice
Director, School of Justice Studies & Sociology

Portrait of Stan Shernock

Stan K. Shernock received his BA in criminology from the University of California-Berkeley, his MA in sociology from Indiana University where he held a National Institute of Mental Health fellowship in deviant behavior, and his PhD in sociology from the University of Virginia, where he held a National Defense Foreign Language fellowship.

He has been president of the Northeastern Association of Criminal Justice Sciences and served on the ethics committee of the American Society of Criminology and the peer review and publications committees of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. He also has served on the editorial boards of Criminal Justice Policy Review, Criminal Justice Studies, Journal of Criminal Justice Education, Partner Violence, and Criminal Justice and Behavior, as book-review editor for Policing: An International Journal of Police Management and Strategies, and as editor of a special issue of Criminal Justice and Behavior on policing and homeland security.

He has published articles on police solidarity and community orientation, the civilianization of the police communications division, police defensiveness and ethical orientations, college education and police professional orientations, military stress socialization for police, new developments on police academy training, multi-jurisdictional task forces in law enforcement, special units and community policing, the effect of third party roles on police response to partner violence, a police response to women offenders in partner violence incidents, racial, social class, and gender differences in police response to and prosecution of intimate partner violence, methodological issues in research on partner violence, homeland security and policing, and regionalization of police services, and the militarization of policing. He has also published articles on the conflict between political and criminal prisoners in concentration camps, crime prevention activism, bystander intervention in criminal events, criminal justice education, disreputability in nightspots, revolutionary successors, continuous violent conflict as a system of authority, and the refractory aspect of terror in movement-regimes, and numerous book reviews on criminological, criminal justice, and sociological topics.

Finally, he has served as a consultant to the National Institute of Justice, as a board member of Vermont Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Board, and as member of the Committee of Criminal Justice Standards for the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education. At Norwich, he has served on numerous committees throughout his distinguished tenure.

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Whatever you think you're capable of, you can achieve here—and more. Learn how a Norwich education prepares you to lead in a career you love.

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