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  • Visual Culture Studio Project

    AP437Z International Studies (4-6 semester credits)

    The Visual Culture Studio is the focus for all students in the Visual Studies Program. The studio project is an opportunity for you to assimilate critical theory research into creative production in a semester long project. The range of potential projects is wide—from public culture and fine arts to urban life and graffiti. The studio project can take a variety of forms, but must express a rigorous, sustained inquiry into the chosen topic and demonstrate your ability to engage with the resources in Berlin. Students produce a body of work in the traditional arts of painting and sculpture or in the contemporary arts via media and performance arts, illustration, film/video, or photography.

    CityLAB: Berlin’s Visual Studies Program cooperates with several artists, who have agreed to advise student projects or artworks. The program provides studio space in the CityLAB: Berlin studio for students who are producing artwork and locates additional outside resources.

  • Visual Studies Seminar: Art in Europe, from Renaissance to the Future: Creating, Collecting, Exhibiting

    AP437, Art and Architecture (4-6 semester credits)

    This visual culture seminar introduces students to the art, culture, history, politics, and context of Berlin/Germany within Europe via a survey of visual culture from the Renaissance to the present. The seminar gives students a depth and breadth of knowledge of Berlin/German visual culture. This course addresses the complexity of private and public interactions with artworks. We can approach works of art and architecture through concepts of style, taste, and tradition. In addition to their own distinct history, art and architecture also figure in a series of other histories—of religion, the state and its institutions, and public and private life.

    The seminar explores the premise that works of art not only exemplify artistry, but also give expression to systems of belief. The ways in which a society views life and death, power and authority, the role of the individual and the collective, social and sexual identity and difference, is reinforced, challenged, or subverted in artistic productions. Students will view work ranging from the canon of painting, graphic arts, and architecture to modernist, post-modernist, and the contemporary arts of media art, illustration, film/video/photography, graphic design, and the performance arts.

    A team of art historians and curators, each teaching in his or her area of expertise, offers a series of seminars, museum and gallery visits, and talks with artist and architects. Visits with international artists in their studios provides a chance to discuss the process of making art, as well as the student’s place in the rapid exchange among world cultures, the repercussions of global networks, and the role of the image itself in everyday lives.

  • Visual Research Studio Workshop

    SA200 FS Intermediate Studio (3 credits) OR

    SA300 FS Advanced Studio (3 credits)

    Students pursue an independent self-designed project with a faculty member, professional artist, architect, or other mentor who serves as advisor for the project. Advisors meet periodically with students to provide supervision and support. Students are encouraged to use their language skills and knowledge of the local culture and subject matter.

    The final product of the Visual Research Studio Workshop can take a variety of forms. It must express a rigorous, sustained inquiry into the chosen topic and demonstrate the student’s ability to engage with the resources in Berlin. Projects may range from a 20- to 25-page paper to a collection of short stories or personal essays. Students may also produce a body of work in the traditional arts of painting, sculpture, and architecture or in the contemporary arts with a focus on media and performing arts, illustration, film/video, or photography.


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