Center For Global Resilience & Security

The Center for Global Resilience and Security (CGRS) is a Norwich University research center of excellence dedicated to the advancement of the interrelationships between human resilience and sense of security in the face of global challenges. CGRS is focused on challenges in the areas of climate change, water, energy, and infrastructure and their impact on resilience and security. CGRS will craft creative, innovative, and sustainable solutions for building resilient communities, through inter-disciplinary research and design collaboration.

Resilience is about people. It is about ensuring that people will always have a reliable source of clean water and food, uninterrupted energy, and a home and workplace that doesn’t wash away, regardless of the changes in climate. This security is key to a society’s overall well-being and happiness. We believe that complex global challenges can only be solved by teams of creative and innovative problem solvers and decision makers. That’s who we are. We are both the researchers and entrepreneurs seeking to be leaders in climate resilience and security and citizens of this global community, who will benefit from the dissemination and implementation of our research products, even as we inspire others to do the same.

Our values are grounded in the guiding values of Norwich University, as well as the vision and mission of the center and include the following:

  • We see passion, curiosity, quest for answers, creative thinking and collaborative problem solving as our primary tenets.
  • We respect diverse points of view as a cornerstone of our democracy.
  • We bring our commitment, expertise, and professionalism, as well as our enthusiasm, empathy, and thoughtfulness in answering the global calls to action.
  • We hold in highest esteem our people and reputation.
  • We live the Norwich motto—I will try!—meaning perseverance in the face of adversity, and will use this to build resiliency in our communities.