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Whatever you think you're capable of, you can achieve here—and more. Learn how a Norwich education prepares you to lead in a career you love.

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Nearly 200 Years—Learn More About Norwich

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Create Your Story

Now that you have discovered your interests and gained some transferrable skills, it is time to put it all together!

Developing your personal brand is important to creating an impactful resume and delivering a memorable interview. Think about how you have created value for organizations you have worked for and projects you have worked on. Be prepared to articulate your results, outcomes and accomplishments using quantifiable data where possible!

  • Resume

    Your resume is a marketing tool so make sure it sells you! Think about how you have created impact as a member of a team, at an internship or job or through an extra-curricular activity.

    There may be a million and one ways to write a resume but not all of them are impactful. Please see our information about resume writing in the document section of Handshake for more in-depth information.

    Federal resumes are basically private sector resumes but with a lot more detail. For more information about:

    Federal Resumes

  • Cover Letters

    Why are you interested in working at company A? What drew you to apply? What do you bring to the table?

    Cover letters are often read by the hiring manager and they are the decision makers so you want to make sure it is written well and tailored specifically to them! Generic cover letters don’t cut it. Expand on a couple of your most relevant accomplishments. The goal is to get the interview!

  • Interviewing

    Your resume may get your foot in the door but your interview gets you the job! Anyone can write your resume for you but only YOU can do your own interview. The employer wants to see how you fit in with the company culture and how you interact with other people in the company. We have a variety of resources that will help you navigate the interview process and help you to ace that interview!

    Big Interview is a FREE online interview program will allow you to practice in the comfort and privacy of your own room! It walks you through different types of interviews and questions and allows you to record your answers and send them to the CIC or a professor for review!

    When you login be sure to click "Getting Started" for a virtual tour!

  • Online Brand

    Developing a strategic online presence will help you market yourself and create brand consistency across all platforms. Employers expect to find information about you online, so make it count! Consider creating an online portfolio or website to supplement your resume!

    Having an online presence through both social media and through an online portfolio or website can help to bolster your search engine optimization and help you to shine even brighter in a pool of candidates! There are a variety of sites that you can use to build your website such as:

    • Adobe Portfolio
    • Weebly
    • Wix

    We know that you like having your Snapchat, Whisper and Secret accounts for just you. However, using social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, to market your brand is also a great strategy!

    LinkedIn is another great platform to establish your professional self and make connections! Recruiters search LinkedIn daily for potential candidates.

    • Learn how to set up an account with The Ultimate LinkedIn Guide.
    • Explore the capabilities of LinkedIn through these informative resources.
    • Check out these great LinkedIn Tips.
    • Be sure to tap into the LinkedIn alumni network.
    • Join groups related to your field of interest and participate in the discussions. Reach out to people in your field and ask them about their professional experience.

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Whatever you think you're capable of, you can achieve here—and more. Learn how a Norwich education prepares you to lead in a career you love.

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