Graduate student financial policies

Deposit (Advanced Payment) Policy

The University requires an advanced payment (deposit) from all students to help assure accurate planning. This advance payment (deposit) of $250 is refundable. Upon enrollment the deposit is applied towards your tuition bill, reducing your debt by $250.

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Method of Payments

Your account must be settled by the due date stated on the bill. You may pay your tuition/fee bill with
cash, check, or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) in US funds. Checks must be drawn on US banks.

Norwich University only accepts credit cards for student account payments through NUpay online payment service. NUpay students, authorized payers and quests may use a credit card to make a payment for any charge that appears on the student account.

Electronic Checks

Electronic checks (eChecks or ACH payments) are electronic debits direct from your checking account. Any checking account can be used, provided it is with a US bank and payment is in US dollars. eChecks may be used to pay all charges on a student bill. Expect a debit to your bank account no later than 48 hours after the payment transaction is completed online. To pay by electronic check you must have the routing (also known as the ABA) number of your US bank, and your checking account number. Routing numbers have nine digits and can usually be found in the bottom left corner of your paper checks.

Not ready for NUpay online payments? Norwich University will continue to accept paper checks. To avoid a late payment fee payments should be received in the Bursar’s Office by the payment due date.

To direct a wire transfer to the University bank, please contact the Bursar’s office for wiring details.

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Special Deferments

In accordance with University policy, tuition and fees must be paid in full prior to the beginning of the semester. Payment must be made in US funds. The only permissible deductions or postponements of payment are financial aid awards in the form of student loans, scholarships, and employer tuition payments made directly to the University. All deferments must have appropriate supporting documentation.

Direct Subsidized Student Loans and Direct Unsubsidized Student Loans in process may be deferred only if the Student Financial Planning Office has received the loan application. Students are required to pay the difference between the amount of the bill and the amount of the loan. The loan fund will not be disbursed until the Student Financial Planning Office receives all required documentation. Please Note: The lender will deduct a 1.072% processing fee from the total amount of your loan.

Tuition Assistance or Scholarships by Federal and State Agencies, Organizations, and Employers: Please provide forms (letters of credit, purchase orders, military form 1560 or 2171 or appropriate billing documents) and supporting documentation prior to enrollment.

All charges are payable prior to enrollment. Payments received after the due date are subject to late fees.

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Veterans Benefits and Third-party Reimbursements

Students utilizing VA benefits (Chapter 30) or other third-party plans paid directly to the student do not qualify for bill deferment and are required to pay tuition and fees in full prior to each semester. Please contact the Student Financial Planning Office for details about loans if your VA or third-party benefits are not accessible to you until after the semester begins.

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Student Financial Planning

Financial assistance is available for US citizens and permanent residents who meet eligibility requirements. All students who wish to apply for aid must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. Please go to to apply online. The Norwich University school code required on this form is 003692. Additional information will be requested at a later date. Please contact the Student Financial Planning Office at 800-468-6679 or 802-485-2015 for details about applying for aid.

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Refund Policy for Overpayment

Refunds are processed automatically once there is a credit balance on the student’s account and after enrollment has begun. Refund checks are generated weekly and are mailed or available on Friday of each week.

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Refund Policy for Withdrawals

Notification of withdrawal and requests for refunds must be made in writing and addressed to the appropriate University officer; for withdrawal, to the program’s Administrative Director and for a refund, to the University Bursar. As the University must make commitments to faculty, staff, and services in advance of actual student enrollment, the technology and resource fees are non-refundable. A portion of the tuition is refundable based on the semester schedule below:

Note: Refunds are based on the semester, not the seminar.

Withdrawal Refund Schedule

Withdrawal Weeks Tuition Refund Tuition Charge
First and second week 90% 10%
Third and fourth week 80% 20%
Fifth and sixth week 70% 30%
Seventh and eighth week 60% 40%
Ninth through 13th week 50% 50%
14th and 15th week 40% 60%
16th through 24th week 0% 100%

Please note: Students with Federal Student Loans may be required to remit part or all of their loan award due to federal regulations regarding student withdrawals. In such cases students may not receive a refund and may incur a balance due to the University. Withdrawal effective dates are based on a student’s last log-in to the virtual classroom.

Norwich University will comply with refund regulations required by the Vermont State Approving Agency for students who receive GI Bill® Educational Benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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Military Activations and Deployments to or in Support of a Combat Zone

Students serving in the military who are notified after the start of enrollment that they are being activated or deployed to a combat zone or in direct support of or proximity to a combat zone, will be held harmless of the charges from the enrollment. Funds will be returned to their original sources. Students will be required to provide a copy of orders confirming that the date of activation/deployment was during the currently enrolled academic semester.

Upon any future re-matriculation at Norwich University, the student will be charged tuition and fees at the rate in force at the time of re-matriculation.

Students who have successfully completed at least six weeks of a course and whose cumulative grade represents sufficient knowledge of the course may request to have a grade assigned at the time of withdrawal. In lieu of requesting a grade, students may submit to their program director a study plan outlining how the last few weeks of course work will be completed. Upon approval of the study plan, a grade of Incomplete will be assigned. All incomplete grades must be resolved within one year of the issuance of the original incomplete grade.

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Disenrollment for Financial Reasons

A student may not re-enroll for a succeeding semester or participate in the residency if the student’s account is not paid or satisfactorily settled for the previous semester.

A student with an account that has not been paid in full, and who is permitted to enroll for a semester, must meet the payment provisions made at enrollment or face immediate disenrollment.

Upon written appeal, the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer may reconsider and, in cases where good and sufficient reasons exist, grant an exception to policy. Such exceptions will generally be made only if the University has not fulfilled its obligation to the student.

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Past Due Account Policy

Any inactive account not paid when due may be placed with a collection agency, thus subject to collection costs.

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Transcript and Diploma Hold Policy

There is an automatic hold on transcripts and diplomas for any student whose account is not paid in full.

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Returned Check Policy

A $25 fee will be assessed to the student account for each check returned to the University for non-sufficient funds. Norwich University reserves the right to require a cashier’s check for all payments subsequent to the return of a personal check for non-sufficient funds.

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