Academic clubs & professional societies

A variety of academically-related clubs, societies and organizations are available to Norwich students. Students with similar interests enjoy the opportunity to collaborate on specific academic subjects and to take part in professional activities, sometimes in the national arena.

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
The aim of this chapter is to afford the civil engineering student association with others who share the interest in civil engineering profession, and thus prepare for entry into the profession and the national society. Faculty advisor: Prof. Gregory
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
Students with a strong interest in mechanical engineering join and gain such benefits as a subscription to cutting-edge technology information in ME Magazine, scholarship opportunities, mentoring within the profession, free conference attendance,
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
LAN party hosted by ACM Members help each other explore the world of computer science and engineering; create and share knowledge with one another and the larger ACM community; and do their best to make Norwich University a better place to study computers and related technology. Faculty advisor: Prof. Stephen
Business Club
Provides an opportunity for students to learn more about the scope of business in all of its forms.
Criminal Justice Student Association (CJSA)
Founded in 1986, the Criminal Justice Student Association was developed for the purpose of education, and as a social and fraternal organization for all criminal justice majors. Faculty advisor: Prof. Kevin Ryan
French Club
This is a club for all students who are interested in pursuing further the language of French. All levels of knowledge of the language are accepted. Faculty advisor: Prof. Fran Chevalier
Geology Club
This is a club for students majoring or minoring in Geology and Environmental Science, as well as all those interested in the earth sciences and human interaction with the Earth. In particular, this club wants to facilitate the interaction of students with similar interests. Also, they hope to enable students to interact with professional and academic Earth Scientists and Geologists in order to gain a fuller understanding of the job market, graduate schools, academic research, and professional research. Faculty advisor: Prof. Richard Dunn
German Club
This club provides an atmosphere where members may practice or learn more German. It is the club's belief that providing a comfortable place outside the class to practice German will result in better grades in German. To be in the club, it is not necessary to speak fluent German. Faculty advisor: Prof. David Ward
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
The purposes of IEEE are scientific, educational, and professional. The branch sponsors technical conferences where state-of-the-art equipment is displayed, and it sponsors tutoring in electrical engineering
Mathematical Association of America (MAA)
The MAA encourages students to continue study in the mathematical sciences, provides opportunity to meet with other students interested in mathematics by hosting regional conferences, and provides career information in the mathematical sciences. The Norwich MAA student chapter hosts annual Pi Day festivities. Members are encouraged to speak at colloquia during Mathematics Awareness Month in April and throughout the year. Faculty advisors: Profs. Robert Poodiack and Susan
Omicron Delta Epsilon (economics)
This is the national economics
Norwich University Political Science Club
Politeia is an organization dedicated to promoting interest in political affairs. This interest includes and is not limited to:current research,an awareness of professional opportunities, current social trends, leadership within the Corps of Cadets and Traditional lifestyle, and special programs.
Norwich University Pre-Law Society
The purpose of the Pre-Law Society is to advance the scholarly study of law and to facilitate the implementation of such study to benefit to our society. It is the vision of the Pre-Law Society to offer assistance to students at Norwich University by helping them make informed decisions in selecting law as a career, the application process, determining a law school, and the practice law in any law-related profession.
Norwich University Sports Medicine Society
The Sports Medicine Society is a club that is geared toward the Sports Medicine major, including Athletic Training and Health Sciences, but not limited to students of that major. The purpose of our club is to let people know that we do much more than just tape ankles in the athletic training room. We fund-raise to go to Athletic Training conventions where we can learn more about our field, and create study groups within the club, where upperclassmen help underclassmen study various materials from major related classes. We also give back to our community by participating in Relay for Life and participating in other local community service events.
Physical Education Club
The Norwich University Physical Education Club has been in existence since 2005. The mission of this club is to give the members of the Norwich University Physical Education program the opportunity to network with other program candidates to receive academic guidance, professional insight, and foster relationships between current students and alumni. Additionally, the club supports the professional development of its members by providing opportunities to attend conventions and workshops that extend their professional growth.
Pre-Medical Club
The Pre-Medical Club serves to educate and prepare Norwich University students who desire to enter medical, dental, or veterinary school after graduation. Some of the opportunities that club members will have are: preparing for graduate entrance exams, exploring career choices, medical professional shadowing opportunities, and networking with alumni. Meetings are typically Wednesdays at noon.
Student Nurses’ Association
Members participate in a number of University activities, organize American Red Cross blood drives, tutor underclassmen, and participate in fund-raisers for a spring dinner with professional speakers in various Nursing
Spanish Club
This club promotes further knowledge of the Spanish language. It educates and helps others learn about the Spanish culture, and helps its members keep in touch with Spanish culture. All who are interested are welcome to join and brush up on their language skills, as well as discuss the culture of Spanish-speaking societies. Faculty advisor: Stewart Robertson
Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
The Norwich chapter of the Society of Women Engineers brings members together to forge friendships and give members an opportunity to explore the professional world of engineering. Faculty advisor: Prof. Carol