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RSS feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds automatically publish information from online sources to websites, blogs, email accounts, etc. Topic summaries with links to further information are provided for use by anyone who would like to display and/or access the information.

Advantages of an RSS feed

Information comes to the recipient—interested readers no longer need to go out and find it for themselves. Unlike a subscription to an enewsletter, however, there is no need to reveal personal information (e.g., an email address) in order to receive an RSS feed. This gives the recipient more control over delivery intervals and exposure to spam.

How to receive an RSS feed

Modern browsers (Internet Explorer 7, Firefox) include feed readers. If you’re using one of these browsers, you can click on an RSS feed link and the topic summaries and links to the full topics will be displayed. These browsers also include a tool that allows you to sign up for (subscribe to) an RSS feed once you’re viewing the feed contents.

Or, you can opt to use additional software, called feed readers. Use this link for a list of free or low-cost feed readers or search online for “rss feed readers.” Once you download and install the software, click on the feed links above and to the right. Most feed readers allow you to “drag & drop” the link into the reader from the browser address bar. If that doesn’t work, try copying the URL (e.g., and pasting it into your feed reader. The software will automatically retrieve and display the latest information.