Video: Student filmmakers
bring the living dead to life © June 15, 2012, Norwich University Office of Communications

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Two communications students, with a small group of helpers, spent much of the spring 2012 semester and all of their free time shooting a 30-minute movie, The Rookie Plague, on Norwich University’s Vermont campus. While not a class project, the film was a big commitment for students and other members of the Norwich community

The project got off to a slow start in the previous semester, but after completing the script and necessary permitting and planning, Director Paul Barnard and Assistant Director Ben Garmise turned to Norwich’s drama troupe, the Pegasus Players, and quickly built a solid cast of actors, extras and technical assistants to make the movie work.

Norwich helped out by allowing them to shoot in buildings and the campus grounds on afternoons and weekends. After a marathon editing effort just before the spring 2012 exam week, The Rookie Plague debuted in front of an enthusiastic crowd of NU students.

This video shows the filmmakers in action.