Video: Norwich Regimental Band
masters ambitious Crown Imperial © Aug. 26, 2011, Norwich University Office of Communications

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Members of the Regimental Band have worked harder than you can imagine for the 2011 graduation, and they won’t receive a diploma.

Crown Imperial, an ambitious orchestral march by English composer William Walton, set the emotional tone for the 2011 Commencement exercise at Norwich University. The students in Norwich’s Regimental Band, the oldest collegiate band in the country, began work on the piece several months before graduation, spending hours in private and communal rehearsal to get just a small piece of the 1937 composition right.

The band, which is under the direction of Col. Todd Edwards, is more often seen marching in parades and Corps of Cadets functions, and has performed at the inaugurations of several U.S. presidents.

This video shows a bit of the hard work of students challenged to bring a difficult piece of music to life, and the result.