Video: Controversial website prompts troubling questions about security © April, 2011, Norwich University Office of Communications

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WikiLeaks proved a rich topic of discussion for a group of Vermont defense and information professionals gathered at Norwich University.

The nonprofit website that publishes media submitted by anonymous sources has been all over the news lately, particularly since the arrest of Army Pvt. Bradley Manning, accused of providing nearly a quarter of a million government documents to WikiLeaks for public scrutiny.

The April 8, 2011, Vermont InfraGard Colloquium on WikiLeaks, held at Norwich’s School of Graduate and Continuing Studies, drew several dozen students, professors, members of the military and security professionals who discussed subjects such as the history of the website and its ongoing controversy, diplomatic and political implications, and legal issues.

In this panel, two educators from Norwich, the country’s oldest private military college, spoke about the effects of unfettered access to classified information. It proved a stepping stone to a broader discussion of U.S. foreign policy.

The video features highlights from their comments.