Norwich stands shoulder to shoulder
with Virginia Tech April 18, 2007

I know all of you join with me in sending our condolences and sympathies to the students, faculty, staff, and parents of Virginia Tech, who suffered such incredible losses on Monday, April 16. Virginia Tech is one of the six senior military colleges of the United States, along with Norwich. Many in our University community have friends and colleagues who are members of their community. This hits us all. This tragedy certainly makes us all mindful of the necessity for campus security and how important it is that we watch out for each other. In an effort to provide an opportunity for the healing to begin, Reverend Wick, our University Chaplain, will hold a time of remembrance and reflection in White Chapel from noon to 1 p.m. on Friday, April 20 for those lost and wounded at Virginia Tech.

You may remember that last fall we implemented a campus lockdown when one of our students received a threat from a resident in central Vermont. Although we received some criticism because people thought we overreacted, I felt at the time, and now am even more convinced that we made the right decision. I have charged Mr. Magida, the University's Chief Administrative Officer, with reviewing our emergency planning, to update our plan with any lessons learned from the Virginia Tech tragedy, and to continue to work with local and state law enforcement and emergency preparedness offices to ensure we have the very best plans in place.

Thankfully, we are a small campus. I want to remind everyone that for now, in the event of an emergency on our campus, we will use existing on-line communications via CLiC, as well as e-mail to all faculty, staff, and students, and voice mail messaging to all faculty and staff. We will explore other options and implement them where appropriate.

I wish to remind everyone that no weapons are authorized on our campus or on university property. If someone has direct knowledge of anyone with a weapon on campus, please contact the Commandant’s Office or the Dean of Student’s Office immediately. If anyone has a weapon, they should immediately remove it from campus and/or turn it into the Commandant's Office for safe keeping until such time as it can be removed. For the next two days, ending at 1700, on Friday, April 20, 2007, anyone who turns in a weapon or removes it from campus will not be punished for violating University regulations.

Working together, we can begin the process to recover from the Virginia Tech tragedy and can make our campus safer for all of us. For those of you who might need some additional help dealing with these current events, I urge you to take full advantage of the counseling and support services offered throughout the University.

Richard Schneider

President Richard W. Schneider