After seven hours of camping out on the sidewalks of Hollywood and five more hours of waiting in lines, eight Norwich Cadets got to be a part of one of the most popular game shows on television. During spring break cadets Anders Hedberg, Jeff Laurendeau, Danielle Tomasello, Jeri-Lynn Harper, Sam Slater, Phillip Corey and Hillary Britch went on a road trip to California that lead to being part of the audience on The Price is Right. All eight cadets dressed in gray on white in order to represent the school and further their chances of having one of their names called. It worked. One of the students actually got to join Bob Barker on the stage and win $5000 in prizes.

"Jeri-Lynn Harper, come on down! You’re the next contestant on The Price is Right!" Cadet Harper joined contestant’s row in the beginning of the show and made it up on stage for the second question. “There was so much screaming, it all happened so fast," Harper said. "It was definitely unbelievable.” When Harper got on stage, after the traditional Barker hug, she also gave a shout out to “Norwich University, the Military College of Vermont.” Harper won her game and advanced to spin the famous wheel. “The wheel was heavy, like a rock," the student explained. "I had to use my entire body.” The rest of the cadets in the audience were readily seen to the left and behind of contestant’s row during the entire show. To see these Norwich students in action, representing the University, and watch cadet Harper up on stage, tune into The Price is Right on April 3rd on CBS.