Thank you, Northfield!

Gen. Gordon R. Sullivan, USA (Ret.) '59, chairman of the Norwich University Board of Trustees, spoke at a breakfast meeting of the Northfield Savings Bank Apr. 27 at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in downtown Montpelier.

Like the University, the bank has deep roots in central Vermont. At the meeting, General Sullivan spoke of his experiences serving as Chief of Staff of the Army and shared some personal stories as well. He spoke of how his mother raised him and his sister, and of a time when his mother told him she would not be able to pay for his college education.

"If I wanted to go to college it was up to me," he remembered. "It was time to step up to the plate. I came to Northfield in 1955 to take my oath as a cadet. If you add up the numbers that was over 50 years ago," he said, "and if I could do it again I would. I learned many life lessons on the Norwich campus and in the town of Northfield."

The general also talked about a personal transaction he had with the bank back when he was a cadet. Sullivan, along with a friend who agreed to co-sign, approached the Northfield Savings Bank for a loan. "I would like to thank you for the support you gave me a long, long time ago. I got the loan and was able to pay off my debt and graduate with my class," he said.

At the conclusion of his remarks, Northfield Savings Bank President and CEO Thomas Pelletier presented Sullivan with a check for the Norwich Forever! Capital Campaign.