Norwich Students Receive Graduate Scholarships

One of the missions of the School of Graduate Studies is to assist alumni in fulfilling their career goals through graduate education. To further this effort, the University awards two types of scholarships to graduating seniors who have been nominated by their division. The Merit Scholarship provides $7,500 towards tuition in any SGS graduate program, while the Distinguished NU Scholar award provides a full-tuition scholarship to any SGS graduate program.

Divisions choose scholarship recipients based on exceptional academic achievement and personal character. The award demonstrates the division’s confidence that the student can excel in a rigorous graduate program.

The following members of the class of 2006 have been named scholarship recipients:

Merit Scholarship: Tracy Lefebvre
Distinguished NU Scholar: Justin Murphy
Distinguished NU Scholar: Kevin Christie

Distinguished NU Scholar: Amanda Dutil
Distinguished NU Scholar: Dan Polachek

Distinguished NU Scholar: Zachariah Eastman

Social Sciences:
Merit Scholarship: Patrycja Manning
Distinguished NU Scholar: Melissa Clark
Distinguished NU Scholar: Michelle Hamilton
Distinguished NU Scholar: Amanda Harder
Distinguished NU Scholar: Josh Mahoney

Norwich University will also award $2,500 scholarships to seniors graduating with Honors. All alumni, their spouses, and children receive a $2,500 Alumni scholarship as well.

Norwich University offers online master’s degrees in Business, Organizational Leadership, Diplomacy, Information Assurance, Justice Administration, Public Administration, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Military History, Nursing, and Education. More are planned for the future. Program information can be found at, or call 1-800-460-5597, ext. 3370.