Crystal Quagliaroli, a junior Accounting Major from Stafford Springs, Connecticut, has been asked to chair a panel of guest speakers at the annual Women Studies conference, to be held April 15 at Castleton State College.

The tenth annual Women's Studies conference offers students from Vermont colleges and universities an opportunity to make presentations concerning a wide variety of women's issues. The keynote speaker for this year's conference will be renowned independent journalist Amy Goodman, host of Pacifica Radio's Democracy Now! Goodman, winner of numerous awards including the George M. Polk Award, is author of The Exception of the Rulers. She will give a talk on "Women in War."

"My role at the conference will be to serve as one of three panelists for the initial three speakers," Quagliaroli said. "After this group of speakers presents their research, I serve the purpose of directing discussion, and ensuring the balance of understanding between the speakers and audiences is maintained."

The Norwich student initially became aware of the conference through a CLiC notice on campus last month.

"I immediately applied, but unfortunately my essay was in French and was unable to be translated within the acceptance period. In this manner I was asked to serve as a panelist," Quagliaroli said. Quagliaroli's attendance at the conference will be sponsored by the Office of Volunteer Programs at Norwich University.

Upon graduating from Norwich next year, Quagliaroli hopes to be commissioned into the US Air Force as a 2LT.

"Since the main speaker will be Amy Goodman, speaking on the subject of women in war, I felt that having an actual female who will be commissioning in two years would serve as an alternative voice - maybe spice up the conversation," Quagliaroli said.