Division Head Assignment

I wish to announce the assignment effective 1 July 2006 of Professor Cathy Frey as the new Division Head in the Division of Mathematics & Sciences.

Professor Eduardo Hernandez has served as the Division Head of Mathematics and Science for 6 years. He brought to this role his love of and dedication to Norwich University. Professor Hernandez' service as Division Head was characterized by high energy and creativity. He worked long and hard to make Norwich University a better place and I am grateful for all of the good he has done for our University while serving as Division Head.

I wish to thank Associate Provost Byrne who interviewed many of the divisional faculty individually to receive their advice, as well as the Divisions' recommendation on this matter. I appreciate the good will of the others who were also willing to serve as the new Division Head. I ask that all fully support and cooperate with Professor Frey as she undertakes these new responsibilities. I have asked Professor Hernandez and Frey to work closely together over these next few months and prepare for a seamless transition. Some of the early responsibilities that the new Division Head will have will be to determine next year's Department Chairs. I have also asked Professor Frey to spend some time this coming year working on the organizational structure of the Division, which is presently not in compliance with the catalog. I have given her a free hand to work with the faculty members to determine what is the best organizational structure as we look forward to NU 2019.

-President Richard Schneider