Branching out: Senior cadets receive
their military assignments © Nov. 10, 2006 Norwich University Office of Communications

The afternoon of the first of November was abuzz with anticipation as students, faculty, staff and parents milled about inside a packed White Chapel awaiting the announcement of branch assignments for the 61 senior Army ROTC cadets. Despite almost an hour-and-a-half delay in receiving the official list from Cadet Command, the excitement of the crowd never waned.

In all, 58 percent of the students received their first choice of branch, while 81 percent received one of their top three requests. The likelihood of a student being branched into one of their top choices is directly related to their placement on the Order of Merit List (OML). Col. StevenCarney ’82, Professor of Military Science, explained the components of the OML.

"Those values are based on four separate areas,” Carney said. “The first is academics, which is huge, probably around 45-percent. Then there is how well you did at camp. After that is your physical training score, and finally, a recommendation from the Professor of Military Science. It’s a holistic approach. You can’t be one dimensional. I don’t see it as if they are competing against their peers so much as they are competing against a standard of excellence."

While branching is an important first step for these students’ Army careers, Carney stressed that the larger calling of service to nation is foremost.

"We’ve always promoted service,” he said. “While they have now received those branches, it’s really more about the service than it is about the branch. If you look at the new uniforms that we wear now, we don’t wear our branch insignia on it. It’s less about branches and it’s more about whether or not you are technically and tactically proficient in a wide variety of areas so that you can go out and be successful no matter what task you are given."

The following is the list of Norwich’s Army ROTC senior cadets who received their branches in the ceremony at White Chapel on Nov. 1:

  • Travis K. Allard - Military Intelligence, branch detail Infantry
  • Steven D. Alustiza - Transportation Corps
  • Steven J. Attanasio - Quarter Master
  • Dorian B. Aylward - Military Intelligence
  • Christopher J. Barker - Quarter Master
  • Ryan F. Barrett - Aviation
  • Jonathan M. Bennett - Infantry
  • Jonathan D. Bevill - Engineer
  • Randall A. Bielski - Chemical Corps
  • Paul A. Capone - Air Defense Artillery
  • Crystal L. Comfort - Nurse Corps
  • Zachary J. Conaway - Quarter Master
  • Timothy B. Curtis - Chemical Corps
  • David L. Davidson - Chemical Corps
  • Jordan S. DiPietro - Engineer
  • Timothy A. Dudley - Field Artillery
  • Daniel J. Durocher - Infantry
  • Jason H. Eaton - Ordnance
  • Gregory D. Estevez - Military Intelligence, branch detail Armor
  • William L. Faucher - Infantry
  • Robert A. Fabich - Nurse Corps
  • Raymond A. Ferro - Transportation Corps
  • Thomas C. Flannigan - Military Police
  • Matthew J. Fleming - Aviation
  • Colin J. Foote - Air Defense Artillery
  • Michael M. Goglia - Air Defense Artillery
  • Christian D. Greenleaf - Infantry
  • John J. Healy - Armor
  • Miranda L. Hulse - Transportation Corps
  • Stephanie M. Hurley - Finance Corps
  • Brian J. Kee - Infantry
  • Daniel W. Keller - Transportation Corps
  • Richard J. LaGrega - Aviation
  • Cullen M. Lind - Infantry
  • Ross M. Lockwood - Aviation
  • Mark G. Lussier - Transportation Corps
  • Steven R. Maynard - Military Police
  • David E. Meaney - Ordnance
  • Kristofer B. Melton - Military Police
  • Eugene G. Miranda - Infantry
  • Luke A. Nabozny - Signal Corps, branch detail Infantry
  • Christopher M. Perrone - Armor
  • Maximilian E. Petri - Field Artillery
  • Jonathan D. Pride - Military Intelligence
  • Brian H. Reynolds - Field Artillery
  • Kyle C. Rogers - Ordnance
  • Wilford A. Rose - Aviation
  • Michael J. Schulman - Field Artillery
  • Jonathan P. Scott - Signal Corps, branch detail Armor
  • Daniel I. Senofonte - Medical Service Corps
  • Lawrence A. Shaw - Military Intelligence
  • Kurtis J. Shingledecker - Field Artillery
  • Joshua W. Stuartshor - Military Intelligence, branch detail Infantry
  • Tyler O. Terrill - Aviation
  • Stephen J. Titus - Field Artillery
  • Richard W. Trahan - Transportation Corps
  • Aaron R. Ward - Military Intelligence
  • Cody J. White - Army Nurse Corps
  • John L. Young - Field Artillery
  • Aaron V. Zike - Infantry
  • Bayron E. Zuniga - Signal Corps