The "Rev" gets his wings

Reverend Bill WickCongratulations to Reverend William S. Wick, who was recently appointed to the rank of Captain with the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), the volunteer arm of the U.S. Air Force!

"Due to poor vision and my age, I wasn't able to serve as a chaplain in the active military, the Reserves, or National Guard, so it's an honor to serve in a similar capacity with the Civil Air Patrol. I am a servant-leader at heart, and I enjoy ministering to people in different venues," Wick said.

CAP chaplains assist other national relief organizations during a disaster and minister to victims and emergency workers. In times of need, the CAP clergy may also be called upon to help at military bases with funeral honors, marriage ceremonies and grief counseling. In addition, they provide moral leadership training to cadets at their local CAP squadron. In Wick's case, he is currently chaplain for the Capital Composite Squadron at the airport in Berlin. Wick says there is a good chance his squadron might travel to the Gulf Coast to help with hurricane relief efforts later this year.

In addition to prayer, Wick advises people to donate goods or money directly to reputable charities as one of best ways to help those who have been struck by disaster. And, if you haven't already donated to a national organization, our chaplain suggests these charities: American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Samaritan's Purse, Catholic Charities and World Relief.

Wick's energetic and interactive approach attracts a loyal following of students to his Sunday evening sermons. He says PowerPoint presentations of the Lord's message and vibrant music appeal to the younger generations. Students have no problem relating to his easy-going philosophy for worship ... Be Biblical, Be Practical and Let’s Have Fun!

"My ultimate goal is to help students develop a personal relationship with the LORD ... one that works for them in today's world," Wick said.

Reverend Wick has been the Chaplain at Norwich University since 1989. Those who know him would say his passion for Christ is closely followed by his love of skiing. A visit to Reverend Wick's office in White Chapel reveals his favorite hobby. When the snow flies, you will find the "Rev" on the slopes at Sugarbush Resort, where he spends weekends as a professional ski instructor.