Commander of Regimental Band hits high note

Cadet Waite receives awardCadet Heather Waite awarded leadership honor

For her ability to thrive in a challenging learning environment, Cadet Heather Waite was awarded the Confessore Leadership Trophy at halftime during the annual Homecoming football game on campus. The senior serves as the Band Company Commander with the Corps of Cadets.

The trophy is awarded each year by the Commandant of Cadets to the cadet demonstrating the best leadership skills while serving as a First Sergeant in the Corps of Cadets. The award is named in memory of Master Sergeant Clement Confessore, a U.S. Army veteran and former ROTC instructor at Norwich from 1946 to 1963.

Speaking about Waite, Colonel James Bennett, the Cadet Regimental Band Director, said, "She’s essential in the management of our operations. She oversees the military side of the band, making sure room and uniform inspections are carried out. She’s very good at inspiring band members to maintain high standards. She just makes my job a lot easier."

As the oldest collegiate band in the United States, the Norwich Regimental Band carries on a long tradition of excellence, musically and militarily. The band, formed in 1823, regularly performs at formations, reviews and special parades on campus. They also have auditioned and were selected to perform at the inaugurations of several U.S. presidents, including Kennedy, Nixon, Carter, Reagan and for both the former and current President Bush.

"My most memorable event as a cadet here would have to be our marching in the last Inaugural Parade," Waite said. "I'll never forget getting ready to go out there and perform."

The Psychology major also distinguishes herself academically by maintaining a high GPA and by serving as a member of PsiChi, the psychology honor society.