Norwich University receives Vermont Campus Compact Service-Learning Grant

The Vermont Campus Compact (VCC) has awarded a $4,000 grant to Norwich to help support the growth and institutionalization of service-learning at the University.

VCC is a statewide coalition of college and university presidents, established to promote the integration of public service into the academic, student life and civic goals of member institutions. VCC presidents and their institutions strive to meet community needs by fostering partnerships that provide opportunities for civic engagement, service, and leadership.

Michelle Barber, Service-Learning Coordinator at Norwich, said that this is the third year VCC has given a grant to Norwich University. "The first grant was used to encourage and facilitate faculty and staff involvement in service-learning, and the second grant Norwich received was used to create faculty mini-grants for service-learning programs," Barber said. "We intend to use this grant to help fund several other initiatives."

These initiatives include creating student mini-grants of up to $180 which will be used for conferences and workshops in the areas of service-learning, civic engagement, and student empowerment; and starting a Community Partner Program where a local resident will work in the service-learning office two hours a week to help Norwich get a better understanding of the community, and to give students a "grass-roots" perspective on civic collaboration.

"We will also be hosting a luncheon with Norwich administrators in December to brainstorm ways to take the University to the next step in the service-learning field, and we will be creating a Community Partner speaker series where people in the workforce can come and tell students how they are able, through their jobs, to have a positive impact on their community," Barber said.